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    WoD Professions: More of the same or back to fun?

    Disclaimer: I'm not one of those players whose into the Meta-game of playing the auction house and making as much gold as I can. I know some are, but this idea really wouldn't effect your gaming methods either. I take nothing away from those who like pet battles, questing until their eyes bleed, those who read every single line of text in game, or who couldn't care less about PvE at all and just go around killing Johnny Azeroths all day. I do however appreciate the Micro-Transactions more-so then the once in a blue moon SCORE!!! of selling a piece of armor for 100k gold.

    Basic Premise:
    I would like to see a return of vanilla style professions. Now before you go "Ugh" and /facedesk hear me out please. Lately we've had nothing for professions other then pattern drops from raid, complete your daily crafting cd, sit around hoping that some guild much further progressed then you to no longer need the items received from disenchanting raid drops (which isn't 100% drop rate itself) to either place that item on the ah or just make the item themselves to post on the ah for exorbitant amounts of gold. Yes the last patch did add some items that you could learn via completing your daily prof cd, which used the item you created (x28 or so). So what we have is an economy that slightly benefits those in a further progressed guild (though it also benefits those that don't care about the upgrade (again same guilds) or those that have already made their personal items).

    My pitch:
    I would like to see a return to what I call Profession Dependent Crafting. What would be wrong with completing your personal prof cd everyday. Then when you learn the recipe, you realize "oh, I need to contact those with other professions so I can gather the mats to complete this piece", instead of damn, I don't have access to [WoD Blood Spirit 3.0]? What's wrong with having say Tailoring as your prof, and needing 15x Cloth that came before Netherweave cause Dreanor isn't in the Nether yet, 10x Crotch leather of Jungle Monkey who throws poo, and 1x chain of pre-Fel Iron to make that next piece of armor?

    There should be more inter-professional interaction then make finished piece of gear >post gear on ah. Where's the interdependency? There are going to be changes in WoD. Jewelcrafters will have less gems to make, because there will be a slightly smaller market for them. Same with enchanters. Why not give them something along these lines? Something that isn't necessarily a daily CD, but still has enough of a material cost that only the most devout crafters would even dare have 50 on hand.

    Sure you can incorporate another item that will be slightly rarer, but hey lets not go too overboard here. The crafting items introduced in Isle of Thunder and even with the Timeless Isle are alright. I especially love the Blacksmithing patterns and how they could be scaled (overtime and at decent expense). Why not have something similar to all professions (at least the armor crafting ones). It could be a decent catch up mechanism, costing gold/time but it wouldn't be instant ready to walk in the door to the newest and greatest raid worthy. It really wouldn't negate the LFR catch up system either because you can't make an item for every item slot. But...........it could allow those that wish to catch up, without running LFR to catch up to say... their flex-normal group etc faster. I have nothing against those that run LFR as their main mode of exploring the raids/storyline. But it's not for me. I'd rather avoid the causticness that invades almost all of my LFR experiences (and no it doesn't have to be directed at me to count as causticness).

    A few ideas:

    Jewelcrafting : Chains. Could be parts they need to create necklaces. They could also be used by tailoring to hold those drafty robes closed (we all know we don't wear pants underneath).

    Blacksmithing : They already make belt buckles. And quite frankly, those belt buckles are going to be mucho important-o come WoD where gem slots are at a premium. They could however make a less buckle that doesn't include a gem slot and be solely used for profs.

    Leatherworker: Who doesn't need a few leather scraps used to tie things together/on. Or even to buffer the nether regions of your plate armor? Also it helps when your trying to form those cloth shoulders to look a certain way. Cloth on its own isn't the most pliable material when trying to create designs.

    Tailoring: Even plate wearers need cloth for padding inside their armor pieces. Again this isn't some daily cd. Its a simple cheap item that other profs need.

    These are just a few ideas. They are simply crafting items, not some big ticket item that will of course be blown out of proportion by the player base (i.e. WTS [Chain] 6k gold o.b.o.). These are items used to create more social interaction between players, bring a more realistic feel to crafting professions and also to create obtainable, sellable gear without asking someone to grind out for weeks on end to even hope to place a bid on them. This also might help with curbing the 3rd party gold selling (no its not a fix, but anything in that direction would be a positive).


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    It just sounds like a bunch of hoops to jump through before you can make your item... well, really all it means is you have to buy more mats from the AH.

    I wouldn't really call it "fun", just tedium - artificially extending the time/effort to craft something for no good reason.

    I would much rather that higher quality crafts (epics etc) require mats from somewhere out in the world, such as semi-rare spawns and lootable objects.

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    You know what? That's a fair critique, and I appreciate the non slandering reply that's overly common on forums. I like the idea of items dropping from rares or out in the world as opposed to the current system of sometimes needing mats that are obtained by DEing higher end raid drops then hopefully put on the AH for some "reasonable" amount.

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    You do realize that I have alts for two reasons:

    1) Pretty transmog.

    2) Not having to bloody well deal with other people and their exorbitant prices for professions. I do all my own tailoring, blacksmithing, leatherworking, jewelcrafting, enchanting, inscription, mining, herbing, skinning, alchemy, and engineering.

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    Player cooperation is not something you can really force.
    Considering how fast and easy it is to level alts these days it seems like it would be the easiest way to go(if I didn't already have maxed out alts for each profession). Back in vanilla when leveling an alt was actually a pretty time consuming activity, people would reluctantly look to the community for mats. Those conditions no longer exist today so simply having recipes that require multiple professions will not make things how they were in vanilla.

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