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    Which healers to bring in 10man hc


    I'm a 10-man guild- and raidleader. I am currently struggling a bit to choose healers depending on the boss we want do progress on.
    Perhaps you guys could help me out abit here.

    We have the following classes:

    - Heal Pally
    - Disc Priest (with Shadow & Disci Gear)
    - Resto Druid
    - Resto Shaman

    Itemlevel / Gear / Skill is about the same I guess. Don't really have any idea on how to rate healers.

    Whats the strength of those classes? Does anyone stand out on a specific fight?

    for example:

    Stone Guards hc: We run 4 heal, since it trivialises the encounter
    Feng hc: We killed it with 3 healers, disc priest was sitting
    Gara'jal: Shaman was sitting, needed pally for 2x BoP + mastery shielding, druid for external cd on tank, disc priest was smiting for the needed damage

    We have the following heroic modes pending:

    Elegon: Shaman and Priest are sitting (druid and pally have the most xp from previous tries)
    Bladelord: Was thinking about 3 Healing, Disc Priest for Smiting + Shielding Debuffs/Pre Shielding Phase2 / Pally for 2x BoP the debuffs / Resto Druid to take Iceblock/Bubble for Debuff cleaning & on-the-move-hotting for phase2. Benching the Shaman seemed logical.
    Wind-Lord: No Clue on who to bring here, but wanted to 3-heal it

    Same goes for all the other heroic bosses. Which classes are really, really great at a specific bosses? Is there a class that should never ever be benched, no matter what boss?

    Here are some logs of our healers:

    Thanks alot in Advance!


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    Disc + Pally for every 2 heal fight

    Disc + Pally + Shaman for every 3 heal fight

    Druid should go Boomy

    All of which is my baseless opinion

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    Recruit a Monk MW, they are freakin' awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ninthward View Post
    Recruit a Monk MW, they are freakin' awesome.
    no, not really.

    I play both monk and druid, the monk has more rawr aoe healing, but the utility that the druid brings to teh raid on certain fights rly outweighs that rawr healing. For example, the 20% dmg reduc cd a druid can give over the monk on a fight like gara is gr8. the stampedes and movement healin for blade is also better.

    a disc prest is needed on pretty much every fight, the only fight ive seen our disc priest struggle is sha of fear as he cant heal and pick up orbs.. other than that hes made fights so much easier.

    i pretty much agree with wot dorfie said, get ur druid to go boomkin

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    As long as the Disc priest doesn't spec Holy you should be fine either way.

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    I'd agree that priest paladin seems to be the best 2 healing setup.

    The disc priest will make nearly every single fight easier due to spirit shell, and general utility. Paladin is next best due to the well roundedness of their class. Solid tank heals, decent raid heals and mastery bubble. Plus BoP is very useful for a lot of fights (blade lord, grand empress, wind lord, gara'jal). Shamans are good as well instead of palas but won't be as effective unless the healing is stacked.

    I wouldn't bother with r druid / mw monk if you're looking for a 2 healing setup.

    Don't get me wrong, any 2 healing combo can work if the player skill is there, but as far as synergy and utility goes, priest / pala is king.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stasis View Post
    I wouldn't bother with r druid / mw monk if you're looking for a 2 healing setup.
    We used 2 monks and restodruid for 10man Stone Guards, Feng, Garajal, and 1 monk + restodruid on Spirit Kings, Elegon, and Will of the Emperor HC 10man. It was definitely viable and didnt seem too hard. Just the raw amount of healing from monk more then makes up for lack of cooldowns, and Revival is quite usefull in 10 man as well.

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    I would also advise you to go with a Paladin/Disc 2 heal setup. As far as the third healer: I feel that shaman has poor synergy with disc priest as the absorbs work against their mastery, but I think you should have the person who does the most DPS (out of the shaman and boomkin) DPS. This also keeps spell haste in the group at all times (if the shaman is ele and the druid is boomkin). Resto shaman have a lot of utility and can do reasonable dps for a healer with primal elementalist. I think it comes down to picking which player can do the most DPS because once the raid stays alive, you don't need anymore healing, but more DPS will always make every fight easier.

    It's really easy to see the benefits a disc provides on fights like Blade Lord HC and Gara'jal HC. The absorbs are so powerful and you can really feel a tangible difference in the raid's health level. We have run this exact same setup: we have those 4 classes capable of healing and have tried both me (shaman) and boomkin dps.

    The whole "a class you should never sit" is a tough question because I feel like player skill level is a very big factor in that consideration. Resto druid bring very little to the table besides throughput and some mobile healing (in my opinion).
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    I've healed 10/16 heroic now on my resto druid, and unfortunately have to agree with the above that we don't really bring anything that stands out a lot over our paladin or disc priest (the 2 other healers we have), but that's not to say it isn't doable with a druid. Bladelord hc can be 2 or 3 healed with any combination of what you have, imo, although as said above disc priests are really excellent for that fight and for windlord (which we 3 heal). Disc doesn't seem to fare quite as well on fights like garalon and raid healing on will, although you didn't mention those, their brilliance won't always outshine the other classes on every fight. I'd tend to agree that a good player can make their class work on most fights, and if you are sure your healers are equally skilled, ask which is the better class to dps (need a multidotter? burst? which player is actually good at dpsing) and approach it from that direction instead.
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    Well, one thing not being said for Druids, is that a resto druid as the 3rd healer on a fight can actually do a fair amount of dps if spec'd into HotW, so when there are some slightly more punishing enrage timers, it can make a fair bit of difference. We run Monk/Disc/Druid right now, with my druid being the 3rd healer and going Boomkin on 2 heal fights. When we do 3 heal, the three of us can combine to contribute 50K+ dps to a fight which can help out a lot. What we've found is that a lot of the fights seem to need about 2 1/2 healers, so getting more dps out of the healers works well.

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    Triple healing with the healers doing a lot of DPS (more or less a DPS when combined) seems to be ideal on a lot of fights. Disc and MW can do the most damage from what I've seen. rDrood can do the most burst with HotW, but the sustained isn't fantastic. hPallies go oom when DPSing and rSham just don't do very much damage.

    My team has a rDrood, Disc, and MW. Disc makes a lot of heroics a lot easier. When the rDrood uses HotW (usually with Hero), the other two healers do a little less DPS and more healing to make up for it. If we end up having to 2-heal, we usually sit the rDrood.

    I haven't really raided with a hPally this xpac, but they seem to have some fantastic utility. Beacon and double BoP would definitely be a boon on a number of fights in HoF. If you're 3-healing with a hPally, your other 2 heals should be able to push some DPS though. A hPally really can't without going oom from what I've read.

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    Monks and disc priests have a really strong synergy right now. Disc priests are especially powerful. Spirit Shell is just broken in 10m.

    I see your healers are about even. Good. That opens up options for you! But this is what I have to say...

    I am the healing officer in my guild. My best advice to you is to bring the player, not the class in 99% of fights. If your druid does 10k more healing than your disc priest and has less mana issues, random deaths, and better cd management, then bring the druid over the disc priest. Even on fights like Blade Lord, for example. Spirit Shell is really good for it, but if your priest can't use it right, then it's better to bring someone who can dish out more healing.

    Also, we didn't use a bop rotation on H Blade Lord. Our holy paladin picked up Hand of Purity(?) which reduces dot damage by 70%. We had him on the dots full time, and with Purity and PW:Shield, it made it just that much easier. Spirit Shell the Unseen Strikes, Smite to help dps and heal tanks... It's not a difficult fight to heal as long as you keep the dot under control. Last phase can be scary, though. Your druid or shaman will shine there.

    EDIT: I check World of Logs to gauge class performance on specific fights. It's usually a good indicator of what class is better for that fight and what you should be expecting of your healers.
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    ^The only problem I have with "bring the player, not the class" is when undergeared Disc Priest alts do better than mains with 20 item levels higher, and leaves me wondering why I'm even in the raid. Seriously, the moment we had our Paladin relog his alt, I had nothing to heal on Mel'jarak HC as a Druid, so I ended up DPSing more than half the fight. In such a case, guilds might as well drop that healer and bring an extra DPS.

    Quoting myself from another thread in the Druid forum:
    Resto Druids do bring some utility yes, but all of it is only "nice to have" and not a "must have". Compared to the encounter-trivializing spells Paladins and Disc Priests bring, it doesn't look all that appealing. As for burst healing, I'm not sure what you're referring to. All we have is Tranquility on a 3 minute timer and it is inferior at the moment to a Shaman's Healing Tide Totem.

    The other problem IMO from a 10 man perspective is that a lot of fights this tier seem to be somewhat in between 2 and 3 healer requirements. It is possible to 2 heal a lot of these but also very possible to take the safer route and go with 3 healers without really struggling to meet dps checks. On such fights, we lack the raw throughput of a Monk to be an ideal candidate for a 2 healer set up, and when 3 healing, our HoTs can hardly do their job as the raid is topped up very quickly by other classes with better burst healing / or the big damage is mitigated heavily by OP Spirit Shell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deathruler11 View Post
    a disc prest is needed on pretty much every fight
    /stops reading

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    Quote Originally Posted by dubwise View Post
    /stops reading
    Yeah, seriously...just wrong.

    A well-played resto shaman in 10 mans can be absolutely clutch. I think R shammies require the greatest amount of experience and brainpower to excel at...thus the bad rep as inferior to this "disc + holy pally only" nonsense.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dubwise View Post
    /stops reading
    maybe not every single fight, but majority of the fights having a disc priest makes fights a lot easier.

    Quote Originally Posted by Toxigen View Post
    Yeah, seriously...just wrong.

    A well-played resto shaman in 10 mans can be absolutely clutch. I think R shammies require the greatest amount of experience and brainpower to excel at...thus the bad rep as inferior to this "disc + holy pally only" nonsense.
    rly? and how are u backin up that statement? what does a resto shaman bring thats so unique??? disc priest is teh only 1 that brings huge aborbs to soften the blow of big inc damage... paladin is ok, but its still no where as good as a disc.

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    Holy Paladin, Disco Priest.

    For 3rd it depends on the rest of your raid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dubwise View Post
    /stops reading
    You must not have experienced the glory that is Spirit Shell.

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    disc and monk for 2 heal

    disc, monk, shaman for 3 heal

    disc pulls out of control numbers on some fights. like the blade twister think on windlord? that mechanic doesn't even exist with spirit shell in play.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dorfie View Post
    Disc + Pally for every 2 heal fight

    Disc + Pally + Shaman for every 3 heal fight

    Druid should go Boomy
    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Don't sit your priest for anything, there isn't really a fight that they don't excel at.

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