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    New player, Inferno question

    Hello there! Im relatively new to Diablo and i just cleared Hell, so im ready to start playing on Inferno. I am playing a Barb and i was wondering if i can get through Inferno with just stacking damage.
    Mainly, i would like to know if with somewhat high damage can clear it without trouble, with low HP and semi-decent amount of resistances.
    Friend of mine will fund me some gold to start with, and wondering if i can use em to mosty upgrade my damage. My HP atm is pretty low (20k), and my resistances are around 450. Would like to aim for Strenght/Crit chance/Crit damage/Attack speed as much as possible, ''ignoring'' vitality if can be done.
    From a quick search i did at the AH after i finished Hell, i noticed that pieces with offensive stats + Vitality are in ridic prices.
    So what are my viable options? How much damage approx i need to get through packs fast? Right now i dont aim for any monster power level.
    I would like to go with 2Hand wep and rend.

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    Without monster power you should be able to clear Inferno easily with semi-decent gear. So no reason to worry, even if you're on a tight budget. You don't need any more resistances, but you should aim for at least 30k health points and some life steal. With around 40k dps you'll be able to plow through everything in one or two hits, so stacking dps for MP0 is more than viable. Cheers.

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    Get your hands on a cheap twohander with critdmg and lifesteal.
    Also look for a cheap Immortal King's belt. It's guaranteed to have atleast 70 all res and 2.8% lifesteal and the market is flooded with them.
    If you add the bloodthirst passive you can get up to 12% lifesteal and if you get above 70k dps you won't even need the rend healrune to be able to survive. HoTA/Smash will be enough.

    I bought a 1300dps mace with 6% Lifesteal and 130% critdmg for 500k and with it i cleared all inferno with the rend build and about half the amount of resistance you have (this was before 1.0.5, it's alot easier now with no monsterpower)

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    It's pretty easy to clear it on MP0

    Here's my Barbarian and I can easily clear up to MP2 with it: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/S.../hero/10709431

    And the gear on it cost me less than 1M gold. You should be able to clear MP0 with like 500k worth of gear or so. Just get around 30k'ish HP, 400-500 AR and over 25k DPS and you should be able to clear MP0 with no issues whatsoever

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    Follow this guide:


    Just get some crit gear, an Immortal King belt(shouldn't be more than 500k), and a Skorn with at least 150% crit damage (should be only 300k, and put a crit damage gem in it), and you'll smash through Inferno like it's nothing.

    You'll definitely want at least 30k health though. Shouldn't be too hard, I broke 40k without even really going for Vitality very much.

    Use the build that I'm using; the guide suggests Superstition, but I find 10% crit to be much more appealing.

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