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    Mind Spike

    I am sure this might be covered in one of the long compendium posts about specs in the forum but I have searched and I cannot find anything too specific about this. To give you a little background I quit in WOTLK when I was playing a deathknight and had all but retired my priest around level 70 or so.... tldr I havent used my priest in a LONG time.

    I came back recently and got him up to 85... just bought MOP so I could continue leveling.. I am shadow right now because honestly I haven't healed in a long time so I need to work on it...

    Question I have for all you experts out there is what the proper use of Mind Spike is in the rotation. Do I cast it towards the end of my dot's expiring on a mob? I read on wowhead that it is our new "burst" damage spell... used on short PVE encounters only...

    I am way out of the loop on places to look for more answers so please don't flame...

    Side question of sorts too.... I did try to get back into healing slowly with regular dungeons but I was having serious mana issues on boss fights when I started doing heroic dungeons (cata dungeons mind you, not lvl 90)... was it my game play or is there an issue with this stuff ?

    To give you an idea of my gear... blah never mind not posted enough to include links but I am Sarnaxx on Mug'thol lol


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    Mind Spike is a situational use only kind of spell, because in normal use it removes DoTs from the target. With MoP it was tied to the talent From Darkness Comes Light (FDCL) wherein you get mind spike procs. These procs do not remove DoTs from the target. Other than using the procs from FDCL, you do not want to use mind spike on a mob that has a long lifetime. If there are few low health mobs (i.e. times I wouldn't use mind sear) that will die before your DoTs would get time to be effective, then I prefer to mind spike x 2 with mind blast (with mind spike glyph), energy charges on Elegon come to mind or quest mobs.

    DoTs are our main source of damage, so removing them from a mob means loss of damage and loss of potential procs if you are taking FDCL and/or Divine Insight. Woaden put together a comprehensive shadow guide found here at howtopriest that you should check out for more information on the updated changes.

    Healing has drastically changed since WotLK with the new healing models that were introduced in Cata and has changed more in MoP with fixed mana pools and talent tree overhauls. At low gear levels and in the early tiers you will feel the mana crunch if you don't have a lot of spirit. I tend to reforge my gear while leveling and definitely before running dungeons, which really helps. You have to be efficient with your mana CDs and your spell choices. There is an awesome and very thorough guide found here at howtopriest by Derevka on all the MoP updates to healing as holy. It should bring you up to speed on the new changes and give you some ideas with rotations.

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