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    Amnesti is 100% right.

    Go check the math behind it.

    Normal Spirits of the Sun: avg spirit: 1316 (733 mp5), static int: 1152
    Normal Relic of Chi'ji: avg spirit: 1345 (749 mp5), static int: 1157
    Upgraded Relic of Chi'ji: avg spirit: 1450 (807 mp5), static int: 1247

    No matter how you shape or form this, Relic of Chi'ji, even without upgrades, is superior to normal Spirits of the Sun. Unless all you care about is iLvL ofcourse.

    And the other raiding trinkets dont even come close.
    Basing your math on perfect uptime isn't smart. Relic of Chi'ji has no where near a 44% uptime, which is what you're basing your figures on. In terms of actual numbers on WoL I'm getting an uptime around 35-40%, I can't find any with an uptime over 40%. This would suggest an average spirit value of 1135.

    Spirits of the Sun however, having a longer ICD is less affected by proc chance. It is however more affected by fight length. I can't find any fights with an uptime lower than 18% with this trinket, many being above 20% (favourable boss timings I suppose). For this trinket to be worse than Relic of Chi'ji it would need an uptime below 16%, which from what I can see is unlikely. I am seeing a value closer to 1381 for this trinket.

    Then again, this is just based off my observations, you'd need to properly model this to come up with realistic uptimes for each trinket for priests to get an accurate number.
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    So chi ji upgraded is ahead of normal spirits of the sun upgraded? im confused

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    Basically if something is better not upgraded it remains so with both upgraded

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