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    <Pak Cafan> US-Dalaran (Alliance) 10 man Raid, Seeking members for new raid group!

    Pak'Cafan is one the oldest Alliance guilds on US-Dalaran and is still thriving today. Pak is comprised of all kinds of players, some progression oriented and some casual.

    TimeZone: EST

    We are currently recruiting for a late night 10 man raiding group. We have a few players in ranked guilds transferring soon to start this group and are looking to recruit more skilled players to get this group going. This will be a newly formed group of seasoned progression raiders looking to get out of the 25 man environment and progress through current content. We are looking forward to getting this group started and working on progression.

    Currently seeking skilled players of all classes with the following roles.

    Death Knight - Tank/DD
    Druid - Tank/Heal/DD
    Hunter - OPEN
    Mage - OPEN
    Monk - Tank/Heal/DD
    Paladin - Tank/Heal
    Priest - Heal/DD
    Rogue - OPEN
    Shaman - Heal/DD
    Warlock - OPEN
    Warrior - Tank

    As this will be a new group of people, raid times are being discussed at the moment and we are looking at the following days: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday with a possible clean up day on Mondays. The times have not yet been decided on. This schedule is subject to change.

    IF you are looking to start fresh and have a consistent raiding schedule with a great group of people this may be the home for you.

    If you are interested reply here, contact Axiol or Raghorn - Dalaran (Alliance) via in-game mail, OR add battle tag Axe#1226 to chat.
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    Seeking 1 Tank, 1 heal, 2 dps atm.

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    Seeking 1 tank, 1 healer (pally/Priest/Shaman)

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    Looking for 1 healer (Pally/Priest/Shaman)

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