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    [A]Endurnace 10man US-Stormrage

    New 10man guild formed shortly before MoP from long time friends playing since vanilla, seeking skilled raiders to complete a 10man core team. We are currently 6/6msv 2/6 HoF.

    Seeking 1 Healer pref HPali/Monk/Druid
    2 DPS Mage/Elesham/Hunter or Boomkin
    1 Tank War or Pali

    We are based on Alliance US-Stormrage.
    Raid times 8:30pm-11:30pm EST (Server Time) (Times may be extended past 11:30 and be made available on other nights)

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    What days do you raid on I have a 483ilvl spriest as well as 474 ele sham and a friend with a 483 mage as well both of us are looking for a new home as our current raid seems to be dieing.

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    Official raid days are Tues/Weds/Thurs. However for progression purposes and the current raid content we will expand on the rest of the days aswell. We usher people to raid if they are available, however we will not punish if people do not show up on unofficial raid days. As for an update

    We are currently seeking:
    2 RDPS (Ele Sham/Boomkin/Mage/Hunter classes)
    1 Healer (Pali / Monk / Druid classes)

    We are also opening invites to casuals who can raid but not have the attendance as a core raider. We are also recruiting sub's. We plan to fill up and venture into the 25man avenue. Me and current officers have come from 25 raid environments with End Game content before nerfs in the past.

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    Dec 12th ~ Recruitment Changes

    1 Tank (Pali/War/Monk)
    2 RDPS (Mage/Boomkin/Elesham)
    1 Heal (Monk/Pali/Priest/Shaman)

    Seeking Raid Leader experienced raider for group2

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