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    The Best Around Quest

    I can't seem to get this quest.

    Admiral Taylor at Lion's Landing should have the quest around completing the King Varian storyline, but he is not showing that he has a quest.

    Anyone know if I am missing something?

    and I did do the "A Little Patience" scenario
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    I am in the same boat as you .. did the start quests and Admiral Taylor has nothing further. I also did the new scenario and still nothing

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    I'm going with the quest is bugged. If you talk to him he says " <Character name>, Over here." and then nothing. Leads me to believe that either its phasing causing the quest not to show, or god forbid blizz decided it would be a good idea to gate the 40 quests.

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    I also think this quest is bugged. The quest should come available when Anduin arrives, before doing the "A Little Patience" scenario. Hopefully Blizz will fix soon.

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    Come on fix this

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    I think this quest is unlocked based on your rep. I believe you can get it when u get 960/6000 Friendly with Operation: Shieldwall.

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    On the PTR Taylor had the quest to send you to the new arena after you completed the first set of daily quests. But they also nerfed the amount of rep you gain for the daily quests so that could be it.

    Found this on wowhead. This quest becomes available at Friendly 950/6000 into Friendly with Operation: Shieldwall.

    Kosak also tweeted.

    Operation: Shieldwall and Dominance Offensive storyline quests unlock every 2-3 days as you do the dailies. The story will slowly unfold!
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    Yep, I got the quest after doing dailies today.
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