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    Sounds like i need to check out the Hunting Party Podcast.

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    I like the idea - it might even be better suited as a level 90 talent.

    TBH, I'm not really liking how the lvl 90 tier worked out. Barrage has situational uses (indeed, Rogerbrown was using it on Method's World First Sha of Fear) but mostly it's just Glaive Toss. If they could roll level 90 into a new "Aspect Tier" that'd be good. I think Blizz is hesitant about putting a row of passives on lvl 90, but perhaps it could be more in line with a longish CD (2-3 minutes) Stampeding Roar type Aspect (Aspect of the Bull, or something) which temporarily gave the raid a Stampeding Roar type affect while nominally affecting our DPS, a cleave mechanic Aspect, probably more similar to Warrior Sweeping Strikes than a rogue Blade Flurry toggle (Aspect of the Twin Serpents, idk), and a "bomb" aspect which made our signature shots (KC/Chim/ES) do splash damage like the Mage frost bombs or maybe even spread to other targets at lower %s a la non-unholy DK diseases (Aspect of the Chimera, IMO). I think Draco's KC benefitting from beast cleave would fall in line there, and it might make our AoE rotations more interesting as we'd want to use ES/Chim/KC on CD during AoE.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dracodraco View Post
    An idea that Rogerbrown mentioned on the hunting party podcast recently, was to add an aspect ala blade flurry, that'd let your auto attacks hit two targets (or, I guess, other shots too depending on how strong they would want it to be).
    This would give us a choise between 15% ap for singletarget, and cleave damage on two targets through the aspects.
    If they wanted to take it one step further, they could lower the ICD on BA-Lock and Load, and let it be spamable (no cooldown) and you could keep it up on more target than one - a full focus bar would still only allow for 3 BA's, and you'd have to balance keeping BA/Serpent sting up on targets, while using explosive shot LNL charges. It'd make for a very interesting spec, and all of a sudden, we'd have:
    Singletarget, Beast Mastery.
    Cleave, Marksmanship.
    Multidotting/aoe, Survival.

    Because I think we can all agree that what we miss the MOST is utility, not dps. If we had the same multidot capabilities, or cleave capabilities, as other classes has, our dps would be fine as it is right now.

    Alternatively, the aspect could have different functions depending on what spec you're in:
    Beast mastery activates beast cleave by default and makes it work off of all pet attacks (including kill command). Constant low AOE without spending focus on multishots, along with sudden bursts through KC.
    MM activates a blade-flurry like cleave (original idea basicly) to two targets.
    Surv makes explosive shot's last charge explode to all mobs in X yards radius (thus you would want to smash explosive shots on different targets in aoe situations so as to not extend the shot, in case of lock and load procs).
    i like the idea of a cleave aspect... cault it Aspect of double shot or something that works just like blade flurry just where they lose 30% energy regen we lose the 15% AP from hawk. That honeslty does not seem OP in anyway actually its pretty balanced.

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    Just listening to the Hunting party podcast mentioned. Thought an interesting quote was:

    "The only fights we're doing good DPS on are the high movement ones, and thats not because our DPS is actually any good, its because we're penalised the least for moving."

    Believe he then went on to say and even then we generally don't top given that advantage.

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