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    Lightbulb Leveling 85 - 90 in less than 8 hours Solo

    Hello guys ,

    I Have been playing MoP beta for almost 6 Months practicing the best ways to level solo , i got realm 1st 90 on 1 of the highest populated realms on EU even thought my isp went down for almost 3 hours on MoP release night , I am trying to upload those videos to youtube to help people level up fast but the problem is that even after compressing those videos, 10mins = 1GB as I am playing at 1920x1080 , Any advice?

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    well idk about youtube but i'd happily take the method used to level

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    Just the perfect questing path , where to put your Hearthstone. Tips on how to do quests faster where is the fastest place to complete each quest, atually we are talking about experience from lvling 15-20 times on beta.

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    Damn will probably take me 6 months to hit 90 from 85

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    Keeping an eye on this thread, best of luck uploading amherian.

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