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    Music volume too much higher than voice volume in some games?

    I've noticed this in a few games, I know you can change the volumes to your liking, but sometimes it ruins the immersion a little when you have to go and restart a checkpoint because you didn't hear what the character said, I've noticed it alot in FPS games, and also in some RPG's where the character's voices will sometimes go really quiet depending on where you are standing.

    I was playing Crysis 2 today and there was a part where I was supposed to be listening to this doctor dude explain something about the nano suit, but the music was so loud I couldn't hear him, and ontop of that, the music was completely wrong for the situation, over dramatic scores in a quiet talking scene. I've also noticed in skyrim if you move just a little bit the volume of a character's voice can change dramatically and you can miss some of what they have said. I know its a small gripe but it really annoys me sometimes.

    Does any one else experience this or does my hearing just suck? XD
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    I noticed this problems since the HD stuff came out. Most DVD/Blu-rays I watched last years had the music insanely louder than the voices. I don't see this happening that often with games, but I'm not surprised by your report.

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