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    Unhappy WeakAuras default Icon changed?


    I've tried the WeakAuras after trying TellMeWhen and i really love it, amazing addon.
    the on thing that bugs me, is when i add new icons, i'm trying to shape them and change how the icon looks and i can't really change it from the general Blizzard icon shape, its this ugly kinda square box...

    when looking at this tutorial, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wzqf6WEpUU0 , i see that this guy has them like really smooth, and with a thin black border, for me they're just ugly...

    I trying buttonFacade or Masque as its called now, doesnt see to affect it, i'm using TukUI could that be causing any problems???


    P.S. - if its not clear, how the icon looks right now, i'll try to add a picture when i get home.

    Thanks in advance,

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