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    Calling WoL Nerds

    I'm looking for some help in writing an expression to filter out Spirit Kings so I can see who is bursting shields.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    missType = MISS_IMMUNE OR spell="Impervious Shield"

    I cant get it to filter out white damage and dot ticks however, so you'll have to do a bit of digging.
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    Damn casuals and their vending machines. Back in my day, We had to go all the way from Orgrimmar to Desolace to pick up chips from the store. we had to do an extensive attunement quest to get into the store and we had to assemble 39 other people to fight the many other trash mobs, i mean trash food, to get to the chip isle. Oh and most of us couldn't even afford our epic car mount to drive there, we had to settle for our 60% bike mounts.

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    Boss does emote to tell you who done it, check chat...

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    Quote Originally Posted by psyched View Post
    Boss does emote to tell you who done it, check chat...
    Quoted for truth !

    If you wanna check this after your raidin night, just log your chat and read it afterwards.

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    So it takes a nerd to read chat? learn something new everyday.

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