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    Mooncloth 4 piece for Shadow PVP

    Wondering how viable 4 piece mooncloth is for Shadow PVP? The satin bonuses are meh.

    2 piece satin: movement speed increased after dispersion - meh. Mooncloth: 4K resil every time you bubble - sweet.

    4 piece satin: fears dispeller of VT - OK I guess. Mooncloth: 50% increased flash heal after POM - meh.

    Given the difference in the 2 piece bonus, is it viable to run 4 piece mooncloth?

    In my case, it would be for BGs, RBGs, and 2's.

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    Talbadar played this for one of the matches in Shanghai and it seemed efficient, primarily because Spriest offhealing is crazy. With the recent nerfs to hybrid offhealing, it might not be as advantageous. Although, you're right, the 2 second VT dispel is very inadequate.

    It would also take some decent theorycrafting to see if you can still get enough Haste with Mooncloth 4pc.

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    Flash heals are still healing for 55K with crits (which are frequent) going for 110K.

    A POM and 2 FH's and you or your partner are good to go.

    Dunno - bought the CP mooncloth chest at the start of the season, as I've been Disc forever but rerolled recently. Thinking I might stick with mooncloth...

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    I'm unsure how much resilience drs when you stack it, however at 60% res adding 4k should bump it to 68-72% (just estimates). Considering you already take 40% damage, adding 8-12% will decrease damage taken by 20-30% for 4 seconds which is pretty sigificant. However don't discredit the 3 second fear from VT. Extra cc on a healer is always good. It can also pull them away from pillars or toward you. I've seen a number of healers dispel my VT and get forced next to me for a full fear. Also consider if a healer discovers you dont have the satin set they may spam dispel your dots (as much as cds let them.)

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