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    Angry Something that happened to me recently.

    Alright, not like any of you care, but I'd just like to share a little story about a bad Dungeon Expirience.

    I went into Underbog with my lvl 63 Unholy DK, and I went in, hoping everything would be fine. Then the Pandaren Healer, thinking he was funny, put out a macro 3 times after every pull, that said, "everybody was Kung Fu fighting!" I told him to stop, and he apologized. Seems fine, but then someone asked "What was wrong with the macro." This is where I began to get a bit skeptical at the smartness of the group. I told him the obvious, "It's annoying." He then begins to tell me that "I'm easily annoyed." and that he could do whatever he wanted. We got into a little argument, and during which, a group member told the tank to wait. The tank didn't stop, after me and the other group member told him not to go. I told them all to let him die, since he was being a retard. He died, told us, "F*ck you." Then left the group. I assumed he was just a retard who didn't know the meaning of "STOP." But this is what ticked me off the most, and what made me leave. The same guy that told me I was easily annoyed, called me a jerk. I then realized they were all either stupid, or just a bunch of trolls who grouped up coincidentally with me.

    What do you think?
    Thanks for reading this.

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    Seems like you should take a look at your own role in that exchange. You can /ignore someone if they're bothering you that much instead of trying to control someone else and starting a fight. Telling the tank to stop so you can argue is pretty terrible too.

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