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    Pally threads

    Dear Pally Moderators. since when can you not link your character profile and ask specific questions about your toon?
    I did such a thing today, as i've done in the past, and my thread was closed by Fhi.
    Please advise.

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    You should probably send them, or an administrator a message about it.
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    As I'm pretty sure Fhi would have pointed out to you, they have tidied up the forum by making three distinct threads where people can ask these kinds of questions.

    Fix My Tanking
    Fix My DPS
    Fix My Heals

    In addition to this, you can try posting in the stickied guides above for information, I know MerinPally keeps the Prot one very responsive and people generally get quick replies up there.

    TL;DR because you didn't need to make another thread about it.

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    Hey, Luci and Gan already answered your question. As you can see there are "Fix my xyz" threads but Krekko messaged me a while back asking if we could incorporate that into the MOP prot guide. I messaged him back and even edited it into the guide but there has been no merger or response so whether it's official or not I have no idea.

    If you have a prot question then please go and post it in the guide as you'll get a bigger and quicker response most likely. If it's a Ret or Holy one then post it in the relevant "Fix my" thread
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    Fix my X threads were created to consolidate frequent character help threads, as pointed out by others. Many posters here are very helpful and knowledgeable and it is easier for them to have a central place to offer advice and help.

    Regardless, in the future, if you have a problem with a moderator's action, please PM an administrator using the Contact form at the top right corner of the page.


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