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    Quote Originally Posted by spambanjo View Post
    I can't believe it took 20 posts for someone to mention resto druids. I always found druid to be the most powerful of my healers by far. ICC era battlegrounds as a resto druid were insanely OP.
    Yet they were benched for LK.
    Tanks: DK & Druid
    DPS: Cleaves
    Healers: Hpala & Disc

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    I'm a resto shaman, and back in ICC I was actually able to hard cap haste, so I felt pretty OP. Now by hard cap, I mean my Lesser Healing Wave had a cast time of 0.998 seconds.

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    Pallys were pretty good all around, tank, dps and heals.

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    Healers: Druid and Pala
    DPS: Fury War and Rogue

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    Pure dps (in our guild atleast) mages and fury warrs with shadowmourne and wackload of arp

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    At the time: warriors.
    Redoing the content now: anything that can equip shadowmourne.

    Disc Priests and Holy Paladins, from what I saw. I specifically remember STARS 3-healing a 25HCLK with 2 FoL Paladins (aka 'Shotgun Palys') and a Disc Priest.
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    pve healing, resto shaman with the amazing chain heal spam

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    I remember Fury Warriors being insane DPS-Wise with enough arp + the amount of cleave fights (since you had so many cleave abilities in your normal rotation).

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    In my raid, rogue and ret paladins, though that might have just been they were the most skilled/best geared.

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    I can tell you playing MM Hunter with ArP stacked to the ceiling was fun and often resulted in extremely high DPS numbers.
    Very different from TBC, where you were BM and just fell asleep spamming steady shot, pretty much (well, watching for shot clipping, or using a macro, I never used macros, because then it really was dull).

    As for actual best in anything, I can't say I ever gave a shit to form an opinion on class vs class, just players vs each other

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    Quote Originally Posted by SilentStocket View Post
    Yet they were benched for LK.
    Resto druids weren't "benched", disc priests were just insanely OP for the LK fight (who only did so well because of the nature of their damage reduction). Resto + Disc was a powerful combination for LK.
    Quote Originally Posted by Пламяскверны

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    In ICC, warriors were pretty badass because of armor penetration and the ICC buff. Especially with Shadowmourne, and especially in 25M ICC. It was definitely fun to play a Shadowmourne fury warrior at the time. Heroic geared, you're talking like a 60% crit chance and full armor pen with a legendary weapon....things were definitely going to die.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LocNess View Post
    Fire Mages had about 60-70% crit. It was cash. Loved my life back then. Also the 2P T9 switch trick to get extra crit.
    Even without full BiS, I was sitting at 85% crit raid buffed, which turned into 90%+ crit on Fireball and Pyroblast.

    As for who topped DPS in ICC? Shadowmourne Warriors and Fire Mages topped everything except VDW since you could cleave like a douche on everything.

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    During ICC if you had a disc priest and resto druid combination, you were set. H pally to deal with tank healing, but disc priest and resto druid were capable of 2 healing the raid. Why? Well, back then you could blanket the raid with bubbles, and even if those bubbles wore off quickly, you still had a druid's hot, which was also blanketed on the raid, to heal up any damage that the bubble didn't absorb. It was a nasty combination. In the end however, due to the absorbs, disc priests always outhealed resto druids due to the amount of damage being prevented.
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    with equal gear, mages. with legendarys? warriors..

    as for healers, id say holypala, and mby discpriest due to how effective they were at lichking fight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whisperawr View Post
    All four healing classes were almost on the same page and were just about as useful as any other.
    Even on a level playing field, I disagree with this. But you throw the legendary mace in there (which everyone had by then) and Holy Pallies blew everyone out of the water.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stir View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by DetectiveJohnKimble View Post
    BC? Pretty sure the main purpose of a mage was to buff people outside a raid, and then never go in. That changed dramatically in Wrath.

    Coincidentally, Ghostcrawler was hired in 2008.
    Since only mages and warlocks could aoe worth a damn, that's a little off base.

    But this thread isn't about TBC, it's about Wrath during the ICC timeframe. The question is, when during ICC and are we talking PvP or PvE.



    Early ICC, before they nerfed assassination rogues it was assassination rogues as top dps with mages close behind.

    Mid ICC it was mages, rogues (espec arpen capped combat rogues), and arpen capped warriors.

    End of ICC it was mages, whichever strength DPS had Shadowmourne, and rogues that managed to crit cap and arpen cap as combat


    Whoever had your legendary mace and then fight dependent. Healers seemed fairly balanced at this point.


    DK tanks had been steadily nerfed throughout the expansion, but were still very good. Warriors were probably the weakest tanks, partially because druids and prot pallies were so autopilot.


    Shadowmourne weilders, burst casters. Wrath pvp was far too bursty and it had gotten worse as the expansion progressed.

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