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    What will be restored after mists?

    Given the state of how things are, and a look at the direction of things to come, I'm starting to wonder just what things will be restored come the events after mists and into the next expansion.

    But this obviously I mean the state of the current war, the mistakes of following that campaign, and where its all leading. I mean its got to have an overiding theme. Pandaren being a race that represent balance and harmony. The sha being creatures that manifest from the evils or war. One of the figureheads of this war having all allies turn against him and us having to stop him. All these things suggest a change of circumstances in times to come.

    A lot of damage had been done because of Garrosh and the war in general on both sides, and you can't just leave the things as it is lorewise, for the story to progress, it has to have meaning to whats to come at the end of mists.

    Will Varian make a pack with the horde rebellion? Will Jaina calm down? Will Silvermoon become a more powerful body onto itself? Will a lot of the damage and death brought on by both sides be acknowledged?

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    By now with all the joint efforts to destroy XYZ bosses realistically we should all have joined forces and be living together but it'll never happen because this is a game.
    i imagine a new war chief will come in and have to rebuild the horde, best way to do that is to hide them away from the world and close their doors, becoming even more shut off from the alliance.

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    I wish for peace. This whole war is silly and doesn't fit in the World of Warcraft.

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