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    Scroll of Ressurection

    Hello! I am just now getting back into Warcraft. During Cata I was pretty heavy into raiding but I just got bored with it. And I cannot acess my account. Luckily for me I have another account I made (Honestly I can't remember why.) that currently has a 60 something shaman. I would love to come back to play, and I saw that if a person gives another player (who has expansions and bla bla bla) they can get a free level 80 character and a free upgrade to Cata. Well I don't have cata on that account and I would love if a character of mine got boosted to 80 right off the bat.

    In return I would be willing to join your guild and assist. I have tanked, dps'd and healed before. So whatever you need is the class I will pick to go to 80. I understand it'd be ten levels off, but Pandaria is only 20$ right now. Something I could easily get.

    If this is the wrong topic for this I am sorry. If it does not even have a place I understand if it gets deleted I just would really like to come back and not have to pay for cata and re-level a character to 80.
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