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    General Tips:

    1. If you break the MC just before an add wave spawns, adds will run to you instead of Razorgore
    2. While Razorgore, you can keep up to 3 dragonkin hibernated
    3. If your class allows it, use healing spells (particularly HoTs) to generate healing aggro. You can also end the channel by castng an instant healing spell on Razorgore to heal him.
    4. Never attack as Razorgore
    5. Never let Razorgore be attacked from the back
    6. If you need Razorgore to escape and are on the elevated areas, jump down as adds have to follow the normal path
    7. MC Razorgore ASAP, but try to clear the orb side of the room first
    8. Be very careful about AoE if Razorgore is near your character.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nnelson54 View Post
    Freezing him isn't the issue. He's easy to freeze now. He still takes way too many hits to shatter for most classes to solo.
    Maybe as a mage, priest or lock. I can auto-attack in cat form (not feral mind you) and shatter him. Dual wielding classes also can just autoattack. I kill it on my prot warrior just spamming devastate+shield slam + HS.

    If you're having trouble getting enough shatter hits, consider trinkets that spawn a pet that melees. For example, Netherwing revered trinket, engineering on use battle pets, Cornerstore Grimoire from Onyxia, Furlbog exalted trinket, and others that I'm probably not remembering.

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    I solo it on enhancement shaman and on a warrior, it's quite easy. It takes me exactly two full durations of mind control.

    On Shaman
    1. Go to mind control platform and pop earth elemental, use the orb clear half the room
    2. After mind control ends pop fire elemental and wolves and continue to mind control
    and clear the room. Razorgore shouldn't drop below 50% hp.

    On Warrior
    1. Be in defensive stance, almost every mob will attack you, clear half the room
    2. After mind control ends clear the adds, clear rest of the room, Razorgore should
    be at 70-80% hp.

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    Done it on my raid geared DK as frost, alt shadow priest in ok gear and hunter in poor gear.

    Key is to do everything quickly. Open with an aoe dot if possible if you are not able to 1 shot the controller + adds so you can use the orb as soon as you go into combat. Break as many eggs as possible before the control runs out while sleeping any dragon adds that get on razor. After the control runs out, quickly aoe mobs on you and single target down things on razor without taking to much time to do so. Be sure to avoid aoe attacks on things close to him otherwise he drops like a rock.

    If he has 2-3 things still on him its fine, but much more you may not make it. Have to be fast as things continue to spawn. Control again and break the remaining eggs.

    It took me a few tries on my characters with low aoe burst, but a bit of practice and I am sure any class can do it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Porimlys View Post
    Sorta related: I thought they were making bosses soloable/easier, yet viscidus still requires frost damage to beat.
    The frost vrykul village in storm peaks where you get a daily for the mount, sells weapon with frost dmg on hit that you can use to kill him very easy.

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    used skinning knife with army of the dead with 2 or 3 friends before (only 1 army) in cata dont know how it is and whether they changed the knifes speed, but it was the fastest weapon then that everyone could use. for viscidus ofcourse

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    Enchant Weapon - Elemental Force will freeze him too, I solo'd this on my 86 ret pally, soon as he froze I popped my pet and switch to a quick 1 hander and did it
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    Put all the dragon adds to sleep with the skill next to "destry egg"

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