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    PvP Healing Nerf

    Not sure if everyone saw this but its on the front page.

    "Healing and shielding effects applied to players that have been involved in PvP combat are now reduced by 15%".

    How does everyone feel about this. Do you think it'll have a big impact on hybrid healing?

    To me its a pretty big nerf to healers in general, pure or hybrid. Must of been changed to speed up some arena games.
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    It was necessary, and tbh Im not sure will be enough for the average dps player, healer will still come out strong.

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    Should have been 30%

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    PvP is already instagib. gg blizz.

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    It is not enough, healing is just to OP. Need some more nerf to balance it out.
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    "PvP is like playing chess"

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    Maybe 25% would have been better imo.

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    How can 1 thread devolve into people either saying.

    1. Too much burst GG Blizzard - Less healing will make it worst.
    2. Healing nerfed was needed too many classes out healed dmg.
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    Quote Originally Posted by masteryuri View Post
    PvP is already instagib. gg blizz.
    are you serious dude ? have you been trying to kill a healer ?
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    Healers are OP.

    But being rank one with a double BM hunter/warrior is perfectly okay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Voltneu View Post
    Healers are OP.

    But being rank one with a double BM hunter/warrior is perfectly okay.

    Must competetive 3v3 games are lasting more then 30m, healing/hydrid/self healing is completely broken in MoP.
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    "PvE is like playing chess against an opponent that makes the same moves everytime"

    "PvP is like playing chess"

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    I am thinking it needed more than 15% right now. I assume this also affects the unstoppable Blood DK's and warriors as well seeing their self healing is crazy high for their additional dps. Healers needed it also to be honest when they are sitting there laughing at anyone who tries and take them down one on one there is a problem.

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    i like the 15% on healers, i think they really need to tone down the hybrid healing even more, IMO of course everyone has their own. But it seems like a move in the right direction lol. Then again they did something to heals, so they wont come back to it again after they fix blood dk's, prots, BM and so forth (if they ever come back to it)
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    They make bullshit changes like this but keep warriors and hunters op like never before?

    This might be the worst season in wow-pvp ever.

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    If shielding includes Anti Magic Shell I'd consider this a fairly a decent sized nerf to already squishy frost DKs.

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    Healing is overpowered, but in the current scenario, with warriors and hunters abusive damage we need overpowered healing.

    Today a restoration druid killed me in feral form, ferocious bite 167K? I need to cast 6 arcane blast, activate arcane power, and get invocation buff to reach the half of this amount.

    I know, I'm a mage, probably elemental shamans look at me as I look warriors and hunters beast mastery. But imo, even in the best rogue and mage days, PvP has never been that broken.

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    Quote Originally Posted by masteryuri View Post
    PvP is already instagib. gg blizz.
    Try killing a healer with a decent amount of resilience

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    Healers are strong, but they have been strong for a long time now. DPS healing, especially hybrid healing, is what is out of control.

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    Really isn't much more or less OP then it was at the end of cata imo

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    the none healer healing needs to be nerfed into the ground first then we can where actual healers fall, when dps heals almost as good as actual healers its a little hard to say its healers that are op.
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    This change without changing the ridiculous damage being put out by classes like Warriors and BM Hunters is absolutely stupid. Even with this "OP" healing that people are whining about, there are classes out there killing people in a few seconds through those heals. This change may have been needed, but it NEEDED to come after tuning the other classes first.

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