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    Tooltip fix or actual nerfs for Arms PvE?

    Can anyone clarify if these are just tooltip fixes? I see a lot of changes on my tooltips but i'm not sure if these were already in prepatch?

    Prepatch -> postpatch

    Overpower - 120% -> 105% weapon damage
    Mortal Strike - 185% weapon damage plus 2,703 -> 175% weapon damage plus 2,693
    Slam - 215% weapon damage plus 2,144 -> 190% weapon damage plus 1,894
    Execute is different as well, I don't remember the exact tooltip value but it's definitely a good 10k+ lower on the tooltip compared to prepatch.

    Anyone able to clarify? Thanks

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    It does not say anything about it in the patch notes so I am just going to assume it was a tooltip fix. I think I remember something about this a couple of weeks ago but I could easily be mistaken.

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    These are just tooltip fixes. The effect/nerf was already in place several patches ago as a hotfix.

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    Sounds like tooltip fixes from prepatch adjustments.
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    this changes went live at september 25 (execute) / september 20 (the rest). so they are all just tooltip fixes.

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    Out of curiosity, why does it take them so long to finally update the tooltips? It seems like it would be an easy put in being just text, but I also don't know anything about programming.

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    Because tooltips cannot be hotfixed, they are stored in your local files, thus require a change of files (patch) on your side.

    Considering they probably dont do patches for just 1 file..

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