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    Here is a pro tip; don't attack other players

    If you are on a PvE realm, you can do the dailies easily without ever having to worry about pvp. Besides, it's not like there is any serious world pvp on pve realms anyway. I ran my new dailies today with pvp turned on, from start to finish, and capped two pvp points on the way just for laughs. In the quarry, I ran past at least a dozen horde players. None of them as much as looked at me funny.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobyboucher View Post
    I'm alliance and I'm killing every horde NPC out there but I don't want to PVP ... I'm still into the WAR part just not the player vs player.. .Sorry buddy if you can't realize you can have a war between 2 fictional factions in a game with NPC's only then I don't knwo what to say!

    Hey I guess since there was no PVP in the WC3 campaigns it wast really a war...right?
    WC3 campaigns, singleplayer => no PvP

    WoW, multiplayer => PvP (on the appropriate realms at least)

    Ofc lore-wise it is war, but in a multiplayer game, where I represent a faction that is at war, I also would like to experience said war with actual players, not 'bots'/NPCs. That's why I play a multiplayer game. On a PvP server. In contested zones.

    If that's not your cup of tea, then I understand you. It's ok. But if you're on a PvP server because it was your choice, then either move to a PvE server or don't complain about being killed/camped etc. And if you're on a PvE server already, just give Blizz some time to fix the flagging bugs and it's k

    See now? Everyone's happy. And everyone's at war... one way or another

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    If you play on a pvp server you cant complain.
    If you play on a pve server you can complain and as you can see with the bugfixes the complants have been heard

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    Well it can be as bad as it was last night on Shandris: 5 Hordes proceeded to kill the guards and remained unflagged.

    Now don't tell me that is "working as intended". Do that at an outpost or capital city you will be flagged.

    Blizzard should offer what RIFT has: a option to absolutely not be flagged for PvP when doing PvE content. With AoEing it's so easy to be flagged, and content that require AoEing IS a griefing paradise if flagged.

    On PvE realms PvP is optional.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Idoru View Post
    Of course, the solution is to gimp myself.

    As for the OP, the solution, in your words, is not to loot the quest objectives. Right?
    Came back to this thread while at work bored.

    Would you care to explain why not using stampede during these dailys is a gimp? Do you find yourself having to blow every CD you have to down these mobs? I'm really asking seriously they all die within a few hits at best.

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