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    Feral : Zen Alchemist Stone vs Bottle of Infinite Stars raid finder

    I think there is buff on zen stone in 5.1 (from 450 ilvl to 458) and i can get 1 upgrade via honor points on it.Since i play in super casual guild we don`t have kill on Elegon normal so i don`t have normal bottle.ATM i raid with bottle lfr and Relic of Xuen.I am not so good with simulation craft and i can`t find updated bis list of feral trinkets so i will need some help to chose the right trinket for me.I can`t post link of my char cause blizzard site is down but i play with SotF and DoC and my ilvl is 487.

    Thanks in advance.

    P.S. if the site is up: eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/dragonmaw/Ironmilf/simple
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    your char name is seriously ironmilf and you havent got reported? facepalm.jpg

    Zen Alchemist stone is incredibly good ..but.. it procs on EVERYTHING. It procs as a mage on evocation pre-pull. I'm not an alchemist on my druid but I imagine it procs on pre-pull heals for DoC which effectively makes the trinket garbage as you'll lose a few seconds of the proc every time. At 450 it was competitive with 463 trinkets, at 458 it should be about competitive with 476 trinkets. Since its a JP upgrade, once you have it at 466 theres a good chance its better than bottle LFR.. but like I said if its proccing several seconds before your pulls then throw it in the trash, unfortunately.

    ..well, keep it for transmutes but you know what i mean ;P

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