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    Execute for prot, how is it limited?

    Is the maximum noncrit damage limited by your max.health or will crits do the same damage as noncrits, when you are "capped".
    Does Execute still benefit from Encounterbuffs? So its basic damage is capped, but crit and other multipliers will still work/increase damage?

    Bluepost only stated: capped at max.health

    btw.: 140 million, one last thing before 5.1
    ~6.6 million without encounterbuff.

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    Non crit is capped at health. I had 860k executes on lfr elegon just now, and that's not double my health. Crits will still break 1mil, given the vengeance.

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    yeah its only non crit

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    Already been answered, but figured I'd help verify... hit a couple 2.6 mil execute crits on elegon the other night, but I expect it will be "fixed" soon enough. That's the definition of "excessive damage" if you ask me, just nerfing normal hits doesn't make much sense.
    Hopefully they wait another week or 2 so I can get a shot at taking #1 on WoL, I have #2 for 10 normal (which doesnt count really, but still a goal nonetheless and I know I can take #1 easily if I actually try. But it just wont be possible if execute crits get nerfed.

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    I think its working as intended now.

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    It's defo working as intended now.

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