Hello, a little bit about my past history raiding.

I've been playing since BC. Right after it was released in fact, I made it up to sunwell (We, well I took a break after we downed twins.) I came back for WoTLK And raided and fully cleared everything it had to offer when it was releveant and a challenge. I did not tank ICC, I mainly just healed and DPS'd. But during BC I was mainly a tank and DPS.

Cata rolled around, I did some light raiding. It lost my interest. I messed around with the Raid Finder but there is only so much enjoyment you can get out of..well not really accomplishing anything. But I have found myself yearning to play again. I mostly play on Horde (That is to say I prefer it.)

Due to...complications my main account I cannot acess. I am currently working on getting my main account back, and if I do I will have a...

Warrior, Priest, Rogue all at 85 that I can quickly level up to 90. I do not have pandaria yet (Just because I don't want to buy something if I can't get a guild lol.)

Till then I have an account that can be SoR (Scroll of Resurrection) if it does need to come to that. I am just waiting on a response from blizzard to get my account back.

If you need to know anything else feel free to PM me or just post a reply in this thread! I would be willing to move to your server given as the one I am on is no longer my home.