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    Unholy Aura not showing up

    I recently switched to Unholy to try it out and it seems like I don't have my Unholy Aura buff. I know I had it when I was in Frost just about an hour ago. And I was pretty sure the aura was in both specs.

    Anyone else having this issue? or has Unholy Aura never shown up in the buff list for Unholy?

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    If you are referring to their 8-pack shorthand buff list, those buffs sometimes don't show up. Target yourself and check manually for it. If you mean on the full list of buffs after you know it's not the Consolidated Buffs display sucking, try swapping specs and back.

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    I went into a scenario and it popped up like half way through. Since then, I keep seeing it. Probably just making the new spec bugged it out temporarily.

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    I am also having this problem and it is in no way showing up under any circumstances. I have relogged , changed specs, rebooted , and still nothing.

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    Guess I will open a ticket and see what happens.

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    I am having this problem as well. The only time the buff shows up is when I am grouped with other players. To be clear, I'm referring to the buff icon. As far as I can tell, the actual stat increase is active at all times.

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    when i logged in after 5.1 released my unholy aura was gone also im frost dk. but i respect toon and nothing. when i join a group it shows up and i get stat increase from it . otherwise nadda. and i dunno why.

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    If it's like the Shammy passive buffs have been since 5.0, then you always have them affecting you, you just don't see the buff icon unless you are in a group or raid. I really dislike it...

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