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    I just run around with the Ret to avoid the AoEs and ShS+Kick the Priest when it doesn't have physical immunity. I don't think I dropped below 90% hp and I didn't use defensives. Council is only hard if you stand in everything.

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    I pretty much just cheese Council; the only fight I switch to combat for;- I just open with a quick few strikes applying wound poisons and killing spree them down to near death; then I just finish it up with rush & shadow blades with a couple of cooldowns

    I am pretty lazy when it gets to farming Black Temple, but I do suppose how much you have avoid certain things or play mechanically relates to how good your gear is

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    Quote Originally Posted by candidlol View Post
    how are people getting past council, as mut they shit all over me and even as combat i cant kill them all before they kill me but i only have a lfr weapon for each spec so maybe thats it idk. i fully cleared bt on my warrior with only a few problems on illidan, the adds hit hard which has me worried for my leather wearing rogue ><
    I don't think I saw anyone respond to the last part of this post yet. Those adds still (afaik) do fire damage which means your armor is irrelevant. So unless your warrior was doing it as prot, you shouldn't really take more. If you BF them you can also easily kill them during an evasion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haajib View Post
    Pop Army of the dead when you have to many adds, problem solved
    That would be great if you were posting in the DK section, but this is the rogue forum.

    For Razorgore, you just destroy say 10 eggs, dismiss the MC and aoe some adds down quickly before the boss comes to you, then click the orb and break say 5 or 6 eggs. An add or two on you is fine, but if you start getting more then a few, dismiss and aoe some adds so those adds will switch back to you. That's literally all you do, at least that's what I've done for 4 characters so far. The adds can bash on you forever and you won't die, at least you shouldn't.
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