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    My own 18-year celebration (when else? :P ), three and a half years ago. I remember waking up at 4 am the next day (I always wake up ungodly early after drinking), walked up into the living room, and it was COMPLETELY trashed. First I walked to a nearby 24h petrol station to buy a Coke, then I got home and spent the next 9 hours righting bookshelves, washing every surface in the room (both fabric and hard ones), performing an exorcism in the kitchen.. you know, the usual drill when a party got way out of hand, and your parents return at 4 pm :P

    Learned my lesson, though.
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    Ah yes, had it once.

    I was 16 and just graduated from highschool. Along with some other friends we got two bottles of very cheap tequila. As my mom already got us some beers, we chugged them all. After that it was time for the tequila. After about an hour or so, we downed all the tequila. After this, I can still hear myself sing "Hotel California". During this song I randomly started puking. After being blacked out for like half an hour, I woke up with a huge thirst. (at that point I was already on the floor) So I stood up and saw that another friend brought more beer. So I took one zip and blacked out for 16 hours straight.

    I'm nearly 20 now and still the smell of Tequila makes me want to vomit.

    Tip: don't do tequila, drink scotch.
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    Nope. I enjoy experiencing life too much to purposefully put myself in a position where I am no longer capable of controlling or remembering my actions

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    Happens fairly regularly to me, I don't consider it a successful night of drinking if I don't black out..

    That said, my inner person is apparently mostly a chill dude and I haven't been told I've done that many things I've regretted. So that's a positive.

    A good time I only partially remember was going to a gig of a band I love in my home city, it was a wonderful set, but I can't remember the time between the end of their songs and the next morning at 5am. Drunk Me had somehow auto piloted my way back home and into bed.

    I also like playing video games while wasted. My death knight actually started out as my "drunk toon" as I resolved to only play it while intoxicated. Suffice to say that as it is my main this is no longer the case, although drunk raiding can be very fun too.

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    Busted ribs and black eyes, along with a very long walk home, several times. Glad I finally quit drinking.

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    Not to the point where I black out from drinking, I have had cases where I cant remember the night when I wake up the next morning.
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    I usually drink a lot, but I have never blacked out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oldschoolwow View Post
    Nonsense. You're not taken care of, your brain auto pilots to the bed or bathroom.
    Unless you count the street pavement as a bed, your answer is a made up internet fact

    not sure I've blacked out that bad, but the worst I had was my 18th, I can remember the party, to the pub at 2 am, leaving at 3am back to the party, yes I ditched my own party I can remeber sitting down feeling like "urg shit I've over done it, this is properly drunk" not like kids who drink 1 can of cider and go IM DRUNK WOO, then I remeber seeing my friends do the cancan, since no1 had danced all night for the dj, I went and joined them, Next thing I know is, I'm in the minibus home feel sick as a pig and forcing myself to go to sleep, I remeber getting out of the mini bus, next memory was being ill in the bathroom, then my dad shouting at me im bloody idiot, then my god father taking me downstairs to the kitchen sink,

    Then I remeber getting into bed,

    So yea, that was a fun 5 day hang over for the record
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    I'm 23 and I've been drunk a few times but never blackout. By the time I get drunk getting blackout never appeals to me. I've only vomited from drinking once or twice, and after that I've immediately felt better (less drunk). I'd say I've been in less than five situations in my life where I couldn't drive due to alcohol intake. As it currently stand it's been more than six months without a drink and I'm in no hurry.
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    nope. but when ive been really drunk i've sometimes had to piece alot of things together with help from friends, simply because i couldn't remember everything. But i've always been able to remember half of the night if i tried hard to.
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    Many many times. And at one point I decided that I really hate the feeling of not being able to recall what I did, as well as the fact that blackouts seemed to be happening with more frequency, so I simply stopped drinking to that specific point.

    That was probably about 2-3 years ago. Now it's a few drinks max, and I simply stop when the buzz starts.
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    The last time I did, a group of us went out to celebrate my friend/roommate's wedding. One of the groomsman bought us a round of Jägerbombs, then another, then another. I remember the bartender was smoking hot. Then I woke up on the couch the next day, with no memory of the night. My friends later told me that I went nuts (in the fun-drunk way, not the angry/violent way) and my roommate said that they had to drag me off the dancefloor. I was dancing with the bride/roommate and I fell and then started humping her leg like a dog...

    So, yeah. Haven't drank that much again in a long time. It is really weird not having any recollection, though. They were telling me all this and I was just like, "'re screwing with me." Live and learn.

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    Never happened on just alcohol. Happened once mixing alcohol and MDMA at a free bar. I woke up the next day to my mate laughing at me, he told me I was an utter mess all night, I nearly got beat up for throwing up on somebody and on the way home I walked into a 24/7 garage, picked up a load of stuff and walked out. I had to be at work pretty shortly and it was one of the worst days of my life in terms of struggling through work.

    On benzos, I've lost days at a time.

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    I don't black out I just get so hammered that I don't remember most of the crap that happened near the end of the night/start of the morning.
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    Passed out =/= blacked out.

    Black out just means that your brain has stopped storing short term memories as long term ones. You are still awake, aware and drunk, but once the extreme drunk wears off you don't remember what occurred.

    I made the mistake of drinking on an empty stomach while hosting a cookout party. I am usually a happy drunk, but I got a little annoying and just ended up acting 12 yeas old, doing silly things like putting the Taboo buzzer in my pants and pushing my beeping crotch. I did also black out on my 21st birthday, but nothing special happened.
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    Ive got a million black out while drunk storys but actually the most recent one wasnt on alcohol but xanax in Malaysia,

    Commonly used as sleeping tablets in SE Asia was traveling in Malaysia me and a buddy i met traveling decide Ive got a good game lets take a couple fight off the urge to sleep and go to a club, we took them went to a club i black out next thing im in a Malaysian karaoke bar singing dont want to miss a thing, black out again wake up in a car been driven around penang by 2 American guys ( no idea ) then they drive me to my hostel I get out go in and still have no idea what happend.

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    Played Kings with straight Captain one night pre-gaming for a big event at college...

    ...evidently we went out. I woke up the next morning on my couch, fully clothed, with no stains or any other evidence of bad times, thinking my friends left me behind. My buddy told me I went MIA - still to this day I have no idea what happened...but honestly I probably auto-piloted back to the apartment to crash.
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    Once. My friend was house sitting a house belonging to a moderately wealthy family, so we did what anyone else would do. Irrisponsibly invite a few friends over and get hammered as shit. I ended up sleeping with one of my best friends, and things havent been the same since. It was fucking fantastic, but the few weeks afterwards have been terrible.
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    I've been as far as "room feels like a fucking roller coaster" before, but never far enough to black out and forget it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Powerogue View Post
    I've heard enough stories from other people to avoid ever getting drunk. None of them end well.
    There are PLENTY of stories about getting drunk that end well ...LOL...btw on topic I got wasted at a party once and tried to walk home and woke up in a field with a cow licking my face ...needless to say I freaked out .

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