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    How to make gold off 5.1 old raid boss nerfs

    5.1 Makes it easier to solo bosses that were previously near impossible....but I thought old raids dont give a lot of gold anymore so who cares? Well this video will explain how to solo the first boss in BWL and why you should bother. All the other bosses are pretty much a tank and spank with a level 90 and don't require a video explanation.

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    Let me guess, selling pets in th AH?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Granyala View Post
    Let me guess, selling pets in th AH?
    A combination of vendoring epics (looking at ~11g a piece if I recall correctly), picking up money, picking up cloth/greens to AH as well as pets.

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    No one is buying the new pets that drop off the bosses at all. They're going lower and lower. haha.

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    Lmao or watch the video and find out ? Since none of you got it right

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    So much effort for 3 gold. I feel sorry for you.

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    Please keep videos to the video thread:


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