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    Question Your proudest moment in wow?

    What was it? And why?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gatorowns View Post
    When I quit

    And why?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oldschoolwow View Post

    And why?
    Because I quit wasting hours standing in durotar watching people jump

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    Just to copypasta from an older post:

    Lady Vashj. She probably wasn't the hardest boss I've beaten, and she didn't take more attempts than all the others other (Kael, for example, took longer) but it was just an amazing feeling when everything finally came together after weeks of work.

    There are a lot of raid fights where you all work together but not together. Usually you're kinda relying on each other and hoping no one fucks up, but there was something about that fight where it was more than that. It was like the most teamwork-heavy fight in the game I'd done up until that point. Lots of people had really specialised jobs, and even on the basic stuff like core passing everyone had to execute their job flawlessly. Everyone mattered and it was about more than just HPS/DPS numbers. So when everything finally fit together and we moved together like cogs in the same machine, it was just really cool. I was very proud of us and I'm happy I got to accomplish that.

    Definitely the coolest "video game moment" for me.
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    Spine HC 25 and being the only 25 man guild on my faction to do so
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    As many know I haven't played in 2 years now but for me being new at the release of tbc I'd say my first kara clear which came a pitiful 9 months after the first clear. Good times.

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    When I could tank on my rogue in BC and killing Illidan. And defeating the LK in wotlk.

    No moments like that anymore.

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    For me would have to be Illidan when it was current content,those kind of moments no longer exist in this game.
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    Not really a moment, but a feat over time: I became the most hated and feared Horde player by Alliance on my server during Burning Crusade. This lasted pretty much until faction changes came around, then Alliance on my server died.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Itisamuh View Post
    Not really a moment, but a feat over time: I became the most hated and feared Horde player by Alliance on my server during Burning Crusade. This lasted pretty much until faction changes came around, then Alliance on my server died.
    Curious as to why?

    We're you a pvp god or a ganker?

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    Vashj, the amount (weeks) of wipes and teamwork needed to kill her. (well exactly what tziva said) and when i got my Knight-Captain/Hand of A'dal title. oh and completing my T6 set in TBC, just to get more set pieces in SWP patch ._.'

    meh i wonder why the boss kills/items dont have the same feel from WOTLK/Cata/MoP <.<

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    2.0 Gruul Kill. Was hella hard. Felt great to conquer it though before the heavy nerf.

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    Mine is definitely when my guild got the realm first for level 25. The whole guild came together to grind out as much xp as possible in those last few days, and it was so exciting to win the race.

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    When I said I'm leaving to my guild, and meant it. It's hard to depart from bad times because you are comfortable ...
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    Solo healing Karazhan when it was relevant content and I had no gear better than T4. Also when I left and logged out in Thunder Bluff for the last time two people coming to wave goodbye. I had known them for 2 MMOs and almost 10 years.

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    Killing Firefighter (10) when it was in its early life (very few nerfs); The progression on that fight is insane, you start out just blatantly wiping in p1, and then slowly progress through each phase. Our kill had happened exactly on the 600th second (10min enrage) so the self detonate bomb went off as my last Kill Shot hit Mimiron (got KB ^^). However, we all died because of the Enrage explosion, but so did the boss; the Enrage explosion as a result didn't stop, and kept going even though the boss was dead, making looting difficult. We had to use our Shadow Priest with Dispersion and run speed buffs to go into the constantly exploding room, to loot our Mimiron Sigil for Algalon. It made opening the doors to Algalon's room that much more epic

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    It was when I first started playing in 07 and I made a Draenei Hunter. I didn't want the Elekk mount, so I grinded NE quests for weeks to get my rep up to exalted, all so I could get one of the Sabers. I was so happy and proud when I finally did hit exalted with them and bought/rode my saber mount. Fun times.

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    our first LK HC kill, Nerdscreams could be heard from space
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    Finally killing Arthas in Wrath.
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