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    When we finally killed Illidan and Arthas after so many times raiding, it was after the nerfs trough. The guild I was in disbanded after Cata launched

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    after a 3 days bwl wipefest and when we finaly killed Vaelastrasz the Corrupt and the dagger dropped. Was such a nice reward for our efforts. Not only did we get server first. I also got the coolest dagger ingame at the time

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    Realm first LK HC kill in 10man on my realm, during the time where there were no cross-realm groupings for anything and your reputation meant something, even if you were not the best of the best!

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    When my old vanilla raid community took down Twin Emps. Amazing feeling of accomplishment.

    ...or when I completed the elite warlock class quest when you got the Dreadsteed. Was my first epic mount, and it was a rare thing to see a warlock on the amazing looking Dreadsteed in Orgrimmar. Did it with 4 guildies, took like 4 hours. Azeroth was in a sense still very unexplored for many players, which made it mysterious. That "old" feeling.
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    getting Invicible From Arthas / and Mimirons Head from Yogg !
    that are my moments

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    When my gf and I finally got our Insane title after 8 months of working together. That kiss we shared... I hope everyone gets that feeling sometime in their life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ihnasir View Post
    When my gf and I finally got our Insane title after 8 months of working together. That kiss we shared... I hope everyone gets that feeling sometime in their life.
    I once kissed my girlfriend out of sheer happiness... I guess that's what you felt?

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    I don't even know anymore.
    I read the title and made a bet with myself that some "clever" guy would reply with "the day I quit" before the end of the first page. Didn't even have to read past the first post to win it. Well time to go masturbate.
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    Hard to break down any one moment but few comes to my mind:
    1) Storming throuh AQ-40 getting most (if not all) realm firsts, especially when rival guild got stuck on Twin Emperors and we were training last kinks out of C'thun phase 2 when they got it down.
    2) Killing Illidan just before WotLK went live
    3) Getting the Naxx and Ulduar 10-man mount achievements before next raid tier went live
    4) Getting Realm First! Grand Crusader as 32th or something in the world.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Insarius View Post
    I once kissed my girlfriend out of sheer happiness... I guess that's what you felt?

    Man, I get that all the time, but after months of farming and not buying... try that (in Wrath btw)

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    Back in Wrath of the Lich King I joined a guild of friends I knew, who were doing a mere 7/12 Normal Mode in a week in Icecrown Citadel. I turned the guild around and made it 11/12 Heroic in 1 hour and progressing Heroic Lich King. (Sadly, didn't get it!).

    Was proud not of just myself, but the change everyone made to improve. Was really nice being the catalyst of it, but even nicer to see everyone else doing their part also.

    All comments are my own personal views & opinions.

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    First time my guild killed Gruul. That doesn't sound like anything special, but for us, it was the first time we'd cleared a 25-man raid as a full guild. We had been struggling for a while to get something going, and then we picked up a new raid leader who had his shit together and got things moving. It felt pretty good.

    First Lich King kill felt good too. I hadn't watched the little scene afterwards yet because I didn't want to spoil anything. Everyone else had already watched it on YouTube. They were all blabbing about loot on vent, and I was yelling at them to shut up so I could listen.

    And getting Shadowmourne. That was the first time I got a legendary item while it was still current content, so it was pretty awesome. I had a lot of fun taking that baby into battlegrounds for a while. Armor pen capped warriors with Shadowmourne could wreck shit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gatorowns View Post
    Because I quit wasting hours standing in durotar watching people jump
    Kinda this but then I realized I just did other useless stuff in place of it (watch TV, played other games).

    Anyway, my proudest moment was when me and my friends guild got Hand of A'dal. That was pretty amazing.

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    25 man yogg saron, I believe on our 2nd or 3rd week of attempts before the nerfs were out. Then our guild broke up when our gm sold his char, his shammy had the legendary.... Can't really blame him since he made a nice chunk of change. The guild wasn't the most friendly that I have played with but certainly the most skilled.

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    I had many great moments.
    Probably the best was in TBC when i brought down Kil'jaedan with my warlock main, which still is my main even now. Top 100 guild we were, strongest dps from server i was (warlocks were a bit OP then BUT NOT MUCH). And a feared pvp player across the realm, i know that alliance campers were runing away when they saw me on that daily quests island.

    Another great moment is when they kicked me from that guild after wotlk launch(the faky reason they gave me is that i was TOO MUCH OF A DANGER on the THREAT METER (i was making the tanks nervous), even though i never agroed), the real reason was the fact that they had a few haty warlock RL friends.

    But nonethless I got my 2 tokens of power: The Kil'jaedan kill, and that kick reason.
    You can apply to any guild with that and they ll take you. especially the one with TOO MUCH DANGER ON THE THREAT METER! Other warlocks should fear me!

    Later on Lich King 25 hc fell at my feet!

    I wonder about the greatest moment of those Garrosh haters, especially Trassk (aka flower power guy)? Did you help the horde as i did or you just killed Melkezar?
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    Been playing since vanilla, predominately as a pvp'er so I have a few that I'll summarize.

    - Lieutenant General title on my Rogue and Centurion title on my Mage. Love the old vanilla pvp titles!
    - Finally looting the Barman Shanker on my Rogue. Back in the day, and from my pvp background, this weapon was a great and rewarding find.
    - Winning the Stranglethorn fishing tournament on my first try, then marching on to the Salty title...which in turn forced me to change my Rogue's name to Junk.
    - 2000 arena rating on my Rogue in 3v3. Astounding, as I suck at playing my Rogue....and hate arena!
    - 150 RBG wins was nice also.
    - 250,000 HK and Bloodthirsty title will be obtained within the next day or so, so that will rank right up there as well.

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    In vanilla killing 4 horsemen or achieving High Warlord.

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    I had two great moments. The first one was killing Twin Emperors back in the old AQ40 and getting the shoulder or head (can't rly recall). The second one was the first kill of Illidan where the OH Warglaive dropped. Damn I miss those good old days

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    First M'uru kill, just a few days before the nerf.
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    Not finding-a-cock-on-your-girlfriend-is-normal level of odd, but nevertheless, still odd.

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    Got a few.

    PUG'ed a ICC10 back in WOTLK and we got to the lich king. Could not drop him but it felt good to know that we could go so far.

    Won a AV when we where down by 200 by capping the keeps graveyard then pro-fearing the tank out of the keep. Boss reset. after the wipe we then stacked on the hill and AOE the alliance down. I even got the game winning kill.

    Tanking as a DK. nothing feels better than out damaging the DPS, Out healing your healer and still keeping all mobs focused on you

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