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    People getting gold challenge modes achievements all day?

    Anyone else noticed upon zoning people are getting alot of random achievements? among which the full gold challenge modes achievements including the awesome transmog gear :O 3 people in my BG got the achievement at the same time, Dont know what to think about this other than blizzard REALLY dropped the ball on this one.

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    Its already fixed
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    Maybe they goofed and made the gold challenge gear available on per account and not per character basis?
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    I zoned into a dungeon and got credit for someone else's achievements from another server. I even got an in-game mail with the Black War Bear. I dunno whats going on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Punks View Post
    Its already fixed
    last i've seen was literally 10 minutes ago, its definately not been fixed on EU

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    Yeah, I too got an achievement randomly while I was just hovering over Mogu'shan Terrace, and it was an achievement I haven't even done to the best of my knowledge.

    A guy from my guild got achievement for doing Naxx 10 (which he obviously already had), For the Horde! and some third achievement. Some other guildies also got some random achievements when zoning to instances.

    An odd bug, hope they fix it, because I'm getting pretty irritated by the achievement spam. I don't even know who to congratulate anymore

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    [17:04:05] [10:xx] has earned the achievement [Hero of Shattrath]!
    [17:04:05] [10:xx] has earned the achievement [Challenge Conqueror]!
    [17:04:05] [10:xx] has earned the achievement [Challenge Conqueror: Bronze]!
    [17:04:05] [10:xx] has earned the achievement [Challenge Conqueror: Silver]!
    [17:04:05] [10:xx] has earned the achievement [Challenge Conqueror: Gold]!
    [17:04:05] [10:xx] has earned the achievement [Master of Pandaren Cooking]!
    [17:04:05] [10:xx] has earned the achievement [Wakener]!

    certainly not fixed, the 10 is the char level.

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    I got Naxx 10/25 and FTA on a lvl 2 gnome. Also some Argent Tourney stuff on a 90.
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    I didn't get anything...

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    Its not fixed. People are still making chars on "empty" realms, leveling them to 10 (or make a DK) and joining an instance and then getting Realm First Gold - FoS.

    Lets see if Blizzard can revert it and if some sort of punishment will be issued to those who exploit this.
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    I don't see any issue with people getting the transmog gear and mount for all the characters on their accounts. I have personally gotten it on a dk + paladin sofar, while helping 2 additional groups getting the meta done. Making me achieve all the golds 4 times.

    Let's be fair here Nelle, you'd do the very same thing. If you had gotten any gold. Suppose it's too hard when you don't outgear it.

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    All gold isn't that hard right now - you just have to not be bad.. (also you can't outgear it - yes some items are better and sockets don't scale.. but bad players are still bad) I think it's downright pathetic that people want to steal a server first from other people

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kitchie View Post
    Let's be fair here Nelle, you'd do the very same thing. If you had gotten any gold. Suppose it's too hard when you don't outgear it.
    Wouldn't jeopardize my account by exploiting a FoS. And there have just been to much other stuff to do the first few months, haven't even set my foot inside any Challenge modes at all, been asked quite a few times to join some of my guilds gold runs. But it just haven't gotten my interest. From what I hear its not hard at all.

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