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    Reaching 2.2k in arena for the first time

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    Killing Prince for the first time in BC.

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    Killing Arthas....

    End of the story really.

    Actually sat in Dalaran, all 10 of us still in the raid group, no-one even really talking on vent......Just, taking it all in. Was fantastic

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    Getting the Battle Tabard of the Defilers on my Vanilla druid.

    Also killing Arthas in Wrath in a random 10-man I got into.

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    Personally and raiding aside, my proudest moment in WoW was when I killed kael and he dropped ashes 10 days after my noob hunter hit 85, who I leveled purely to do exactly that. More seriously I felt pretty good when I had the highest gearscore on wowprogress of my entire server across both factions in t9 and again in t11.

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    Hitting 1550 in 3s and multiple server firsts in t5-6 content.

    Getting full s3 gear on my mage.

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    Getting the Realm first kill of Algalon for sure. Also when i got my Ashes after 24 runs since i was dying to get my hands on it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shiift View Post
    The hardest achievment i earned was the "Found a Life" achievment.
    It made me quit WoW up to this day.

    Shìfter (Sober 8 months)
    8 months thats pretty good man, I have been sober for around 2 months. If I could not spend all of my damn time on the game I'd still play it but I get to carried away and end up playing for like 5+ hours a day... if I could just spend like a maximum of 3 hours I'd be good. WoW is a good game.

    Anyways, my greatest moment was JUST hitting level 80 on my Paladin during the first few weeks of Wrath, and getting called in by my guild leader to come heal for KT (in quest greens/blues), and downing him first try. Apparently they had like 10+ attempts before I got in there, and for the remainder of my time in that guild everyone thought I was the bomb healer... which wasn't the case. (I think we just got lucky and I just happened to get in there.) Oh and I also got the healing mace from the 10man version on that drop too!

    During all of Cata and for around the month that I played MoP I literally only PvP'ed. I literally did not clear any normal versions of any raids from either expansion. If I ever come back, I'll give raiding in MoP a chance and see if it can come up to par with BC and Wrath. Till then, my fat ass needs to lose some weight! (And I'll keep myself entertained in the meantime reading these forums :])

    No raid experience since Wrath basically:
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    Im torn between getting my Dragonwrath (best pvp weapon ever)or the time in Eye of the storm when I mind controlled the driver of a 3 person mount with 2 passengers on the bridge and they all jumped off into the twisting nether...LOL. Pvp still gives me the goosebumps when I just punish the opposing side.

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