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    Help me choose weapons.

    Hi guys,

    I can't decide which weapons to choose (I'm horrible at theorycrafting and such).

    I have two, normal mode, Starshatters and one LFR Shinka axe with the 500+ strength gem.

    Should I stay with the two swords, or should I use the axe?

    askmrrobot tells me that the axes are better, but considering that the axe has the +500 get in it, I think the axe would do more damage.

    What do you guys think?

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    It depends on a couple of factors. I assume you plan to play TG and stay TG by your post.

    You have already gemmed LFR Shinka Axe with the 500Str gem? I assume that normal mode Axe will not be an option for you? The gem, by my knowledge, can only be received through the quest 1 time, and thereafter it will cost you 10k to buy a new one, should you receive a better version of the Shinka Axe to gem it into.

    So assuming that you will not receive any upgrades soon I would suggest the following:

    Take Starshatter ilvl 489 in your mainhand and use Shinka ilvl 483 in your off-hand. If there will be no upgrade for you any time soon, use valor points to upgrade your weapons. Upgrade Starshatter (main hand) first as it will have more impact on your dps. The +500 str on Shinka and only 6 ilvl difference to your other Starshatter makes Shinka by far superior to Starshatter in your off-hand.

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    Thank you Kerno.

    It will take a while before I get the normal Shinka axe (we're still at 4/6 HoF).

    Thanks again for your advice.

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