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    [H] Cubicle LaGmandos - 25m Raiding - Zuluhed US [PVP]

    Server: Zuluhed - PvP - EST - Low/Medium Pop - Horde
    Battlegroup: Stormstrike
    Guild LvL: 25
    Raid Size: 25M
    Raid Times: Tues/Thurs/Sunday - 8pm - 11pm
    Current Progress: 6/6 MV & 4/6 HoF
    Website: www.cubiclelagmandos.com

    Cubicle LaGmandos is a guild that was formed at the end of Cataclysm with the goal of becoming a 25M Raiding guild in MoP, but also to be a place where PvPers and Casuals are also welcome. The core of Cubicle LaGmandos is a group of WoW veterans that have played the game and been on the Zuluhed server since Vanilla and TBC. Most of us raided content when it was current from Vanilla all the way through most of Cataclysm, where many of us did take a step back for a variety of reason. We are excited about many of the changes that are happening in MoP and the content looks like it will be fun. Our plan is to be a competent raiding guild that plans to progress through both Normal and Heroic modes at a steady pace. The important thing for us is that you show up to have fun and still manage to be competent, and that you like bacon and potatoes and possibly some slight sarcasm

    Also, we are a group that likes to do things like Achievements and Old Content and just random shit that doesn't always make sense.

    42 is always right and we hope you know what your favorite color is!

    We are always recruiting skilled and dedicated players, regardless of class. We will always try out new raiders and see how you fit from an attitude, attendance, willingness to learn and ultimately skill level. While we will accept all capable recruits, our primary needs are as follows:

    Raid Leading a plus
    Tanks: Monk, DK
    Healers: Paladin, Monk
    Rdps: Priest, Shaman, Boomkin
    Melee: DK, Monk

    We do use a loot council that has worked very well for us in the past. Most of the leadership was part of an old Zuluhed guild called Cubicle Commandos (new name is a bit of a play on the old one plus another old guild) and a loot council was used in that guild as well. Just for some reference, while I am the GM of the guild now I was just a member back in the old guild and can affirm that the loot council worked great because the people who made the decisions are competent and fair and most of those people have not changed. Anyone interested in the loot drop will link the gear they are hoping to replace in Raid Chat with either a 1 for Main Spec or a 2 for Off Spec.

    Requirements (What we're looking for):
    1. Fun attitude and ability to take a little sarcasm/trolling
    2. Vent & working mic.
    3. Able to maintain a minimum of 75% raid attendance.
    5. Be prepared for raids (Flasks/Food/Knowledge) in case any of the items are not provided by the guild (which they usually are).
    6. We want you to be a member of our guild, not just someone who shows up for raids and then disappears the next 4 days. We don't expect you to spend all of your time on WoW, but interacting with other guildmates is generally preferred cause it's just more fun than just doing raids and nothing else.

    How to Apply:
    - Go to www.cubiclelagmandos.com or message me (Sathena) in game. Good chance ill be on alts, so whisper one of us and they will shoot you in the right direction.

    For Additional Information:
    GM: Kamahri
    Officers: Sathena, Healforafeel, Kovis, Nataru, Okros, Sayga, Emulsifier
    Recruiting Officer: Sathena, Healforafeel

    For more information and to apply please visit:
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    Potatoes for all.

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    I agree with you
    "The only constant in the universe is inconsistency"

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