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    Yes. I said it's fine if you're in my gear. At lower levels it's perhaps too harsh, but I think Blizzard should balance classes assuming BiS gear.
    It's also a lot different in 10 man. I assure you I don't end fights at 60% mana and full mana tea stacks.
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    After the crit change to mana tea? Everyone.

    Please don't use Affiniti as some measurement by how "monks are good" or "monks are bad". The guy doesn't have a single high rank on WoLs. It's pretty tragic, actually.
    For your general amusement, here are your guild's most recent logs (Your lowest is this week, using one of your other monk's from last week because you just joined the guild 12 days ago and I cannot seem to find a log prior to the nerfs of you in a raid):

    Here's mine (not this week obviously Hint: if it was public, *gasp* it would be number 1):

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    Quote Originally Posted by Affiniti View Post
    Mana mattering was pretty insane last night. I agree we needed a change, but not as far as they went. They went overboard. When I have to hardcore focus on my mana the entire fight, and a priest can get a 90,000 mana rapture proc with mana tide I tend to disagree that we needed as big of a nerf as we got mana wise.

    Your other points are wrong.

    "Revival is like a barrier"

    Except barrier is a damage reduction, which can save lives from damage via mechanics, as opposed to a spell that simply heals it up after the fact. Again, revival just flat heals. Don't get me wrong i love revival, it's nice that it's instant, mobile, etc, but it isn't a MITIGATING cooldown, which is what is important here.
    What? I meant Barrier is good on some fights, not so good on others. Just like Revival. To deny Revival's usefulness (I would regard it as super useful) on Tsulong HC or Shek'zeer HC is a bit poor, or you're just trying to be difficult. Sure it's not a "great" CD all the time, but on some fights it's borderline OP. I agree the Disc buffs went overboard, I'd want to see Rapture toned back down to 150% and DA toned back to 30% and perhaps double the cost of PoH (13,500 mana for PoH is far too cheap IMO). I think SS is fine, PoH is where the problem lies (IMO). I have a Disc Priest and I think SS + PoH are forced to be used together, I've never used SS as a tank CD (though I guess on Sha HC it could be used for Dread Thrashes). Do you play your Disc Priest more than your Monk?

    Hey Affinichi, 2 Disc Priests really kill the amount of healing that needs to be done. Especially when you're only seeing 2 Arcane Barrages and both are completely nullified. I could've AFKd that fight. Besides, comparing those kills are pointless. Different styles of doing the fight. Outgearing it. etc etc. But I'm glad you felt the need to prove you could play Monk prior to the nerf!
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    Lol at this HamSandwhichFace- In a top guild like Immersion and knows shit about his class and thinks meter padding is everything.. I suggest you step it up in your guild or it's the bench / gkick for you
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