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    Should i level up a rogue?

    hey there buddies, atm i have a hunter which i enjoy playing but i never liked bm (so i've been always playing as mm, even before the patch) nor i could get a resto shamm (which i would enjoy a lot more) to play, so im not in that mood for pvping as we lose really easy to really retarded comps even playing well. Also, i have a mw monk which i really enjoy playing, even if its hard, but sadly we still lose to retarded double dps (i play with a enh shammy lol), actually i enjoy this a lot and we mostly do fine but i wanna try running some double dps too.

    so, how rogues are doing nowadays? did this patch help you out? should i bother leveling one or just reroll something else like mage, priest or war? i would play it with another dps like a mage.


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    See numerous other threads in the first 2 pages on this topic. If you're talking 2s, no, you shouldn't level a rogue. They're really not in good shape for 3s either, but it's less-terrible.

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    No, you shouldn't

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    Well, that depends.

    Do you like being extremely bored?

    If yes, then go for it.
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