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    Arrow Protection T14 set bonus vs Higher ilvl

    So I got 2 LFR set parts (Shoulder and Helmet) today but in these places I already got:

    Helmet: Yi's Least Favorite Helmet

    Shoulder: Pauldrons of the Broken Blade

    I might add im currently using LFR T14 legs as well.

    My current equipped ilvl is 483.

    The question is should I replace one of items (Helmet/Shoulder) or even both of them in favor of set bonuses, or keep it as it is and wait (probably pretty long) for normal set pieces?

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    I think it's more of a "playstyle and team" question. If you deem yourself capable of good CD usage then a 2min 30% heal + 30%maxHP for 20 seconds is worth one less quality item IF your healers can make use of it.

    I guess personally I would use the T14-2P. As I am raiding in a mediocre skilled raid there are several situations per bossfight where 30% heal + more max HP for 20 seconds are a nice lift for the healers.

    Also think of an "Oh Shit" Situation as a tank.
    Normally all healers go crazy on healing you that time. You will probably find yourself in that 0-100% situation. One second you are at 5% health (where you activate "Last stand"), the next second you are at 100% because every healer got their hands on you.

    Having 30% more max HP as a buffer has 2 merits: 1. You take less overheal in that shockmoment and 2. You can take a few more hits before your healthpercentage has dropped to critical again.

    my 2 cents

    PS.: The benefit of last stand doesn't change, so you get the effect of it regardless of T14-2P or not. It's just nice to have it every 2 minutes instead of 3

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    Situation changed abit tonight after clearing Sha and tonight's farm bosses. Im 485illvl atm, got 496 T14 gloves (with legs is 2/5 set bonus) and now im considering to replace same items as in 1st post though Ill get 4/5 set.

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    ~8% Rage reduction on Shieldblock und 5% better absorb on barrier.

    Take a look at this:

    You are losing about 200 of every stat - 200 STR, 240 STA and 200 secondary ratings.

    I think the passive benefit of the better items might weigh off the active part of 4pT14. But hell, it's 5% more barrier ... I would take the 4p but that is TOTALLY a subjective decision.

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    Thanks m8, Im tempted with 4/5 set but I think im gona keep flat stats. Maybe if I get 496 pants as well and 3000 VP to upgrade LFR set items Ill go for 4/5

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