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    BB confuses me. I only pvp mind you but ive tried BB on the dummy and a few times on players and the damage is ABSOLUTE shit compared to what it should be doing. It doesnt seem at all like its doing 30% of all my special attacks, more like 30% of 1 special attack every 6 seconds. Seriously nuking a dummy with cds and seeing BB do 40k damage?

    It feels to me like BB applys the dot on the first crit, say MS, and the consecutive crits just refresh the duration but dont up the damage so that OP in your next gcd doesnt actually get 30% more damage as ive read.

    Help me understand here since from what I can see the damage is piss poor from BB.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amne View Post
    That's true, special attacks are like 75% of your total damage, so it would still be (perhaps slightly) superior to Avatar.

    I'd say it's a matter of preference. I just love being able to line up BB with Dragon's Roar and my Engi Glove enchant (and with Banner & Recklessness every 2.5/3 min) for a huge Bleed, but if you are more comfortable with Avatar even after the nerf, stick with that.
    Agree with the bolded part. The difference seems to be so marginal that it more often comes down to particular fight mechanics/personal choice. The 1 min CD of BB is what sells me on it, it feels like I almost always have it when needed, and it lines up with every 3rd CS (I believe). Which further contributes to your dps, as you can only avatar inside a CS window once every 9 or so CSs. At least, that's my logic to it and I'm sticking with it! :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by thisnamesucks View Post
    Help me understand here since from what I can see the damage is piss poor from BB.
    Don't know damage may not be enormous but overall it still seems fine.

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