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    Solo your way from level 15 to 80 in 5 man dungeons only. Opinions needed

    Hey guys

    I've always had a blast when trying to soloing stuff like old content etc. Also i actually quite enjoy the 5 mans in WoW, to the point where i think the bosses in pre-cataclysm dungeons are over far too quickly and a lot of mechanics n stuff just get missed out.

    Back in the burning crusade, i once levelled with a friend all the way to level 60 by just 2-manning the dungeons, i was a healer and he was a tank. Back then, there were no heirlooms and there was no vengeance mechanic so it was quite challenging, however, it was a fun challenge as we had to treat old bosses with a little more respect.

    Now recently, with the introduction of Heirlooms and the ability to cancel experience (so i can spend more time on a boss without out-levelling it if i struggle), i am thinking of doing something similar, however, only this time, i intend on soloing my way through the dungeons. I noticed on my brewmaster, around the level 70 mark, i can solo some bosses that don't have killer-mechanics, so i know it is possible to an extent.

    I once levelled a warlock and manage to solo my way up to the revamped scarlet monastery, i hit a brick wall on the first boss - houndmaster, due to the high damage he dealt to my voidwalker as well as myself so i couldn't keep both alive, so i had to stop soloing with that class.

    I'm wondering if anyone here has had any experience, soloing dungeons level 15-80 whilst at a relevant level and i'm wondering what classes you've used. I don't have a lot of alts you see so i want to try to find out some opinions on what classes you guys think are the most reliable before i roll one and then find out the hard way. Bosses that are mechanically impossible with one person will be disregarded.

    I am currently thinking of making a protection paladin, with my damage coming through vengeance and the ability to use flash of light on demand to heal myself, only downside is, it uses up 37% of mana so i won't be able to use it often.

    Please, if you can or have any thoughts to give, put them down as i'd love to hear ideas .


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    tank class in heirlooms should do ok I guess, maybe a warrior after 30 (second wind rawr)

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    Prot paladin with word of glory should do fine.

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    I'm bringing up a Prot pally in BoAs. In Deadmines we lost our healer and 2 dps, so me and a hunter cleared it. Never tried the same level "soloing". Figure if I wanna solo stuff, I will go quest. Quest rewards and XP are far better than dungeons without quests anyway.

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    I can only imagine a paladin or warrior (who has healing with every kill) being able to do it.

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