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    <Screams of the Past> Recruiting for classic

    Server: Draka
    Server type: PvE
    Faction: Alliance
    Time Zone: CST

    Recruitment for all of Classic

    Recruiting is open for the following classes:

    Druid(Balance is High atm)








    Spots are going quickly, so don't miss this opportunity.

    A bit information what we're about:

    <Screams of the Past> was founded in late '08 with barely enough to be considered a 25M Raid. Today, we are averaging about 30 players per raid. While others found interest in achieving Hardmodes in ICC and in Cata, we found interest somewhere else. Nerfs, talent changes, and different abilities have significantly effected of how raids use to be. But are still promising and are still found enjoyable by many SotP players today.

    What we're looking for:

    Even though we have everything on Farm, raiders are still expected to keep an above average attendance (80%). We do know that are some days where you will not be able to attend a raid, and thats only natural, you will be allowed to take days off if necessary.

    We really aren't too 'hardcore' with raiding mostly because everything is on farm but still expect our applicants to perform at their best with whichever encounter we may be on. Just because we're flying through a raid doesn't mean its time to slack just about time we're on Huhu or Twins.

    More information can be found on our website at
    Any questions can be answered there.

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    Just thought I'd refresh this, we just cleared AQ40 including twin emps and C'thun with 15 people. It's both a good challenge and fun as hell.

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    Recently, more classes and specs have become more open.
    We are recruiting the following classes and specs:

    Druid (Resto, Balance, and Feral) [2-3 of each spec]
    Hunter [2 atm]
    Mage [2-3]
    Warrior(DPS) / Rogue [1-2 of each]
    Priest (Shadow and Disc/HOLY) [2-3 of each spec]
    Paladin(Holy) [2-3 of Holy]

    We are only looking for long term members. SotP isn't going anywhere and we want our members here for the long haul. Keep in mind SotP is a big guild, you will be given a chance to make yourself stand out and earn that raid spot.
    But we do not recruit for the bench, meaning we do not recruit applicants to just sit out, they'll see their raid spot.

    If your class is not listed here and you feel you are an exceptional player, you are always encouraged to apply. SotP is always looking to fill its final positions.

    For any questions or concerns visit
    Feel free to contact Kithkaid, Gleise, Rocketelf, Allapologies, or Caspus with any OTHER questions you may have

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    you guys still do 60's raids or have gone on to 70's/80's? ive got a hunter and priest @ 60

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    We're still running 60 raids clearing AQ40, 2 BWL, and 2 MC runs a week.
    More information can be found at

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    bump for the 60s

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    Actively recruiting players for PvE and PvP. As well as a livestream where you'll be able to view our raids and BGs. Including LIVE VENT CHATTER as well as a chat room that you can chat with myself and other SotP members.

    Raids: Wed/Thurs 7:30pm EST

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    up up up. up we go, away to the top!

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    Update:*Anyway here's an update on current needs. Still recruiting priests, druids, and paladins, maybe one or two more shamans FOR HEALERS. For Dps, we currently have major needs for a boomkin or two and lots of mages. All other exceptional dps are encouraged to apply. Still looking to fill final positions.*

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    up we go to the top

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