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    Feral macro help

    Hi guys!

    Today I started a druid and I need some help with a macro. I sometimes press more than once the Cat Form skill and it's annoying since it deactivates the cat form if pressed more than once.

    I'm already using some macros like the !Form ones, pretty useful to get rid of slows, but it doesnt work to prevent deactivating forms by mistake if pressed more than once.


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    Well, I think i figured it out by myself, but it doesn't totally function as intended

    /cast !Cat form
    /cast [modifier:ctrl] Cat form

    It works fine if you want to active the cat form but if you want to deactive it with control it doesn't totally work since Cat form gets reactivated.

    Any help? Thanks!

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    The reason that macro doesn't work is because it will always read the first line if there is no condition applied to it.

    /cast !Cat Form
    /cast [mod:ctrl] Cat Form

    This macro WONT work because it will always /cast !Cat Form because there is no condition tied to it which means it will ignore [mod] conditions if you don't put [nomod] on the other lines (there's an exception when you're working with /cast X; Y macros)

    /cast [mod:ctrl] Cat Form; !Cat Form SHOULD work.

    If it doesn't than this one should:
    /cast [nomod] !Cat Form
    /cast [mod:ctrl] Cat Form

    But tbh I recommend you to use a /cancelform macro to get out of forms. It decreases the amount of keybinds required. Or you could use a powershift macro which will cast the form you're already in without removing the form at all.

    powershift macro:
    /cast [stance:1]!Bear Form; [stance:2]!Aquatic Form; [stance:3]!Cat Form; [stance:4]!Travel Form; [stance:5]!Moonkin Form; [stance:6]!Swift Flight Form

    Although, I still recommend using a /cancelform macro. It works perfectly fine for me. ;P

    EDIT: This is an alternative to your first macro, which will /cancelform while pressing the button with ctrl held down:
    /cancelform [mod:ctrl]
    /cast [nomod]!Cat Form
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