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    [WW] Invoke Xuen the white tiger and Garalon.

    Doing Garalon tonight, whenever I popped xuen on the legs, after said leg died, he would decide to superman jump off of the platform, quite an annoying bug, but still pretty funny.
    Sadly, I didn't grab any screenshots.
    Anyone else get this bug?

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    Oh man, gonna be doing garalon with my guild tomorrow. Im pretty excited to see xuen superman off the platform. Gonna be a funny site.

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    I didn't have this issue in LFR or Hardmode

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    I too had him supermanning off into space every time he jumped. My guildies were dieing with laughter when someone noticed him doing it lol.

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    Yep, noticed it last night. I was dying of laughter when I first noticed it.

    Garalon in general was pretty buggy last night, though, we had him randomly reset twice and it wasn't due to any deaths.

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