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    Resto Druids and Heart of the Wild..

    Hey everyone.. I recently started doing challenge modes and found that we were lacking in damage (missing last boss kills by 10 seconds or so) so I tried using heart of the wild and found that you could do amazing damage simply wrath spamming. But I was wondering what would be do more dps when using HotW, just wrath spamming or going kitty?

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    I believe that they're relatively similar but wrath spamming is a lot easier and you dont have to worry about form switching in case you need to heal

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    Should we keep moonfire up or just spam wrath during HotW?
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    I know for feral HOTW only increases nature damage so moonfire is worthless - I dont know for resto but try it on a dummy - should be easy to do the math and figure out if its worth it.

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    I've been doing HoTW/Moonfire macro>Cat>Rake>Wrath(repeat 'till dots need refreshing) and when I hit 5 Combo points from Rake I'll use Ferocious Bite.

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    Keep moonfire up during HotW and spam wrath.
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    I spam Wrath with a 100% uptime on Moonfire.
    It works fine and you dont have to follow the boss or anything so I would recommend doing it that way since it is easier.
    If you go cat you need to follow the boss incase it moves and you also might need to swap forms to heal someone.
    Just remember to use a dps potion if you dont have manna issues to get more dps out of the Hotw
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    With one of the huge parts of clearing challenge modes quickly being giant AoE packs, you can HotW hurricane them down and do some of the best AoE numbers in the game. Same with Feral and Hurricane, but for Resto you're talking an extra DPS rather than a slight increase of DPS for a feral druid.

    HotW has it's uses and it's worthy of a Tier 6 talent spot, but I think it needs to be tweaked a bit so more fights allow me to use it. I'm still hoping for Dream to be changed to a Resto version of atonement so we can pump out long term DPS that turns into healing.

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