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    Quote Originally Posted by anabolicz View Post
    On the Eu forums there is a super thread with shammy's linking screen shots of canceled subs...
    I can cancel a sub and resub 5 mins afterwards. These images hold no validity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Detheavn View Post
    I can cancel a sub and resub 5 mins afterwards. These images hold no validity.
    Doesn't matter if internal figures for shamans drop this patch. Guildox should be able to show % of players who are shamans doing things.

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    If they quit over such a minor change then they were unhappy with the game to start with. If they were enjoying the game aside from that they'll come back within a handful of days.

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    makeing a post like this ok

    but QQing about something u dont even know for sure there are so many blue posts / youtube movies where u actualy get properly explained that happend

    the shamans that are cangeling subs are just the players that always will cry like they did before this is a game which is realy hard to balance although i think they did a good job for now

    damn u cryers play runescape much

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    The only thing missing from the Blizzard class forums is a drip tray to catch all the fucking tears.

    There is no "hybrid tax" any more for DPS specs, I fail to see why DPS specs should get a bonus to healing. You get the healing abilities to make up for slight squishy-ness. Unless PvP Power is tweaked to provide armor to pures, it's an absolutely fair change. The other alternative is to be nerfed in other ways. At least this way it only affects PvP.

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    We already have threads on this, and most of the posts here are just bickering, not useful discussion. Closing this as the whole thing is unconstructive.

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