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    i've told my fellow guildies that they were nabs and that should watch the big square in front of their face (screen) and it was fine the next day. No one complained.

    I'm pished off by the 5.1 click change, but at least, now no one can dare complain.

    As for the "idk why, i use it and i die" comments : you take dmg from anything you hit whilst 'travelling'.

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    one of our tanks went afk there was 2 priests in the raid life gripping him and a lock trying to get him from garalon back to the entrance lol he came back near blade lord entrance tho was good fun.

    we do use gateways set it up between the left and right platform on imperial vizier and split our 10 man into 2 groups of 5 wait for him to choose a platform then 1 group has to move. obv got to wait for the charges on it tho.

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    Can anyone tell me how do you place your demonic gateway at Bladelord Tay'ak encounter? We tried placing two of them at the end of P1 with on and at the middle of the room and the other end at place where he flies first time to but at phase transition they simply disappeared.

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