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    [email protected] seeks Tank and 2xDps

    Autonomy on Saurfang is recruiting for our core 10 man raid team, currently 4/6 MSV.
    Raid times are Friday 7-11pm and Sunday 4-8pm SVT.

    We require a tank (prefer druid but may accept other) and 2 dps (prefer Warlock or DK but may consider other)

    To be a member of our core team you must:

    - Know your class and how to get the most our of it.

    - Have excellent raid awareness.

    - Be prepared to raid. This means flask, gear and research.

    - Be able to listen, and take criticism.

    - Be a team player. You raid with 9 other people. 80% attendance is expected.

    - Be able to have fun, whilst being serious.

    For more information please reply to this thread or contact me in game

    Autonomy Guild Leader.
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