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    Upgrade Question

    Hey guys!

    I'm debating whether to upgrade my trinket or weapon using 1500 valor points. I've compared the two and it comes down to the trinket giving the most agility gain but the weapon giving slightly less agility but a decent increase in weapon dps which leads me to my next question.

    Does weapon dps affect feral druids and how? Afaik our direct dmg abilities are based on weapon dmg but our bleeds are only buffed by agility and our secondary stats. I've run a sim on my character and it shows wdps as quite a bit ahead of agility; something like wdps: 5.2, agi: 3.84. I'm also not even sure if our abilities are based off of wdps because the tooltip says "x% dmg" while some other classes say "x% of weapon dmg."

    Here's my armory link: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...haeyo/advanced
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    I'm sure that when it says x% damage, it means weapon damage. I'd upgrade the weapon first if I were you. Nearly every attack on our rotation is heavily based on weapon damage.

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    My personal upgrade priority:

    BiS or 2nd BiS pieces > sha-touched weapon > trinkets

    The reason for this is that you're less likely to replace near-BiS items until the next tier (allowing for the rest of the raid to gear up) and sha-touched weapon will continue to be used as you upgrade it in every patch.

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    I really didn't care about longterm investment and upgraded my 502 weapon from Spiritkings instantly, its gonna take you over 5 months anyway so I'd rather have that damage boost from my weapon to progress then to wait for the boss to actually drop the Sha-touched one, can't rely on a drop on the first kill anyways in 10man.

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