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    Need help with Windows 7.

    Where is the windows 7 installer located?

    Ok when i bought this PC it already had w7 installed on it and i can format the harddisk anytime i want (i actually did it twice) so im very sure it is on this harddisk and now i bought a SSD and i want to burn the windows on a DVD i bought and install it. Anyone know?

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    No? anyone?

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    Found it myself

    Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Backup and Restore and then - Create a system repair disk.
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    Its probably a recovery partition on the current drive.

    Best thing to do is download an untouched SP1 iso and install that. Will get rid of all the bloat and crapware that comes installed on new pc's...

    Just make sure u download the correct version/bit and it will work fine with the windows key on the sticker.


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